Hand and foot spasms of a pregnant woman



        Women start to feel spasm in the hands and feet during pregnancy in this disease. If a pregnant woman has been suffering from constipation and physical weakness during pregnancy, she becomes the victim of this disease.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • The patient should try to get rid of constipation before starting the treatment of this disease.
  • A woman who has been suffering from spasm in the hands and feet should drink one or two glass water on stale mouth. This problem is ended by doing so.
  • The woman should eat fruits and thereafter should keep fast for one or two days.
  • The pregnant woman, patient of this disease, should walk on an open place.
  • The woman should take hipbath (Kati-Snan). Thereafter, enema should be adopted by her. Now, start treatment according to naturopathy. The woman gets rid of spasm of hands and feet within some days.
  • The pregnant woman should take such kind of meal enriched in vitamins. Spasm of the hands and feet disappears by above treatments.