Hamamellis virginica




Hamamellis Virginica is used in the cases of bleeding from the veins, unbearable pain of the veins due to touching by any thing and filled veins. The blood which discharges from the veins looks as dark red and as clots. This medicine provides quick relief in the above symptoms.

The patient who suffers from vatta disorders feels crushing pain. Arnica is used for providing relief from such types of pain. Hamamellis Virginica also can be used in above symptoms. So, according to these properties, Hamamellis Virginica can be compared with Arnica. The main difference between both the drugs is that Arnica acts on the cells and creates looseness in them causes black spot on the cells. Specially, Hamamellis Virginica acts on the veins and creates veins dilation, veins pain, and veins are filled.

Hamamellis Virginica is an excellent remedy for curing swelling of any types of vein. Therefore, this medicine can be compared with Pulsatilla. Its main represent sign is that veins do not bear to touch.

Hamamellis Virginica should be used for preventing bleeding from the nose, lungs, uterus, urinary bladder and intestines. This medicine is not a toxic preparation (product). Hamamellis Virginica is used for curing testicles-inflammation, anus bleeding, typhoid and piles.

The person who suffers from any injury should use it externally. It provides quick relief from injury of the outer side.          


Some properties of Arnica and Calendula can be compared with Hamamellis Virginica.