Hairy Floweredsenanecum



Names in different languages:

English      -      Hairy flowered senanecum

Hindi          -      utran, utrand, sugauvani, jutuk

Sanskrit     -      indivara, deerghavranta, tamarani

Marathi      -      utran, utrandi, mendhadudhi

Bengali      -      chhagal, vaati

Gujrati        -      nagala, dudheli, chmardudhi

Latin           -      daemia extensa, asclepias echinata, Cynachum extensum


Hairy flowered senanecum is small, cold and pungent. It stops vomiting and sperm falling with urine. It destroys vaata-pitta-kaffa and worms. It cures wounds, uterus and vagina faults. It maintains temperature and it is useful for eyes. Its fruit is salty, bitter, hot, spicy and small. It increases appetite, bile and destroys poison. Vegetable is cooked by boiling its soft fruits.