Hair fall


 Hair fall is a normal process in all persons. A hair falls itself after gaining its full length but new hair born there soon. If hair falls in a large number,Introduction:

          Hair fall is a normal process in all persons. A hair falls itself after gaining its full length but new hair born there soon. If hair falls in a large number, it is a disease.

          There is a definite time of hair growth and its growth stops after gaining this growth. According to person body condition when the below part of the hair is destroyed, the old hair separates from pore. Hair separation from pores this way is called hair fall. New hair grows on that place soon.

          Generally, hair length increases one centimeter long in a month. Fall of 100 hair is considered a normal thing because head has power to born so hair. Of course, there is a circle of hair growth and according this circle the age of hair is 3-4 years long. After that hair falls and new hair grows there. In this condition the doctors give iron capsule and vitamin A tablets to the victim of this problem which are not necessary. If more than 100 hairs fall in a day, the person should consult to a doctor.

Reasons of hair fall:

  • Hair falls due to lack of blood in the body, disease in hair roots, heat, dandruff, obstruction in hair growth and living in sun for a long time
  • Hair falls due to here ditary problems. (For instance if a mother’s hair falls in young age, it is hundred percent possible that her daughter’s hair will fall in young age also.)
  • Excessive pressure upon the brain may be the cause of hair fall. Women hair falls in lack of acrogens hormone. Lack of iron, vitamin B and iodine in meal are other causes of hair fall.
  • Boils, itch, ringworm, eczema and many other diseases generate due to filth, worms and fungus in the head. Because of which hair pores close and hair fall begins. Besides, excessive mental disturbance and depression are other causes of hair fall.
  • Hair falls because of many diseases also. Hair falls in typhoid after drying but as soon as temperature reduces, hair fall also reduces and new hair grows there. Other organs pore also become weak because of these chronic diseases and hair fall starts but as a person gets new energy as his hair pores become strong and new hair grows upon the hair loss affected area. An affected person should pay more attention upon diet than to be worried. Excessive hair fall generates due to typhoid, pregnancy, and medicine reaction, excessive use of fragrant oil and cheap shampoo and imbalanced diet.
  • Deficiency of nutritious elements in meal is the cause of hair fall. Protein quantity in meal should be increased to stop hair fall. Use gram, soya and rajma, etc. in meal. Products prepared from milk are also useful. There are glands in our skin which make grease in the skin and provide nutritious elements to hair also. Hair grows properly and remains soft. Hair gets nutritious elements by blood circulation also. Hair remains healthy and shiny if blood circulation is normal and grows soon. Hair falls if there is lack in blood circulation.

For reading tips click below links      Hair fall can be checked by using such medicines:
1.     Oil:


    Applying oil on the head is necessary for healthy and beautiful hair. Now a day persons like to have dry hair because of this weakness comes in hair roots and hair fall starts. For hair exercise, using hair brush is necessary. Blood circulation increases by its use and hair roots become strong. Hair fall stops. Massage on the head with well and pure oil as coconut and almond oil. Afterwards rub hair roots softly with fingers. Oil that is more fragrant should not be applied in the hair because its use weakens hair and hair becomes grey before time.
    2.     Vapor:


      Hair becomes shiny and healthy by vapor. Hair fall stops by its use. For giving vapor, first of all fill hot water in big pot and soak a towel in this water. Wring the towel and cover the head. Afterwards follow this process by other towel. In this way give vapor to the hair for ten minutes. Apply oil in the hair before one day of taking the vapor.
      3.     Bath:


        Head should be washed repeatedly to avoid from hair fall. Don’t comb in wet hair because hair breaks by combing in wet hair. Comb hair after drying fully. Hair drier should not be used if you want to strong hair root. Weakness comes in hair roots by drier use. While using hair drier keep it 6-8 inch away from hair. Hair spray should not keep in hair for a long time because there are harmful chemicals in it that can harm hair.
        4.     Water:


          Soak a towel in hot water and keep on the head for two minutes after wringing. Thereafter soak another towel in cold water and keep on the head after wringing for one minute. Follow this process for twenty minutes. Its regular use stops hair fall.
          5.     Tea:


            After washing head, wash head again with tea water (without milk and sugar). A luster comes on the head and hair breaking stops.
            6.     Neem:


              If there is starting of hair fall, boil neem and plum leaves in water and wash hair. Hair fall stops by washing hair with this water. Besides, hair becomes black and long. Lice in the head are also destroyed by this medicine. Mention that this water should not enter into the eyes. Close your eyes during washing hair.
              7. Lemon:


                • Hair fall stops by massaging head with lemon juice.
                • Boil one glass of water by mixing 2 spoons tea dust and keep it to cool. After filtering mix lemon juice in the remaining water. Clean your hair properly and wash hair with this water. After that wash hair again with clean water. Hair fall stops and hair becomes shiny and soft by using this medicine.
                8. Indian gooseberry:

                Indian gooseberry:

                  • Immerse dry Indian gooseberry in water for whole night and wash hair in the morning with this water. Hair roots become strong and a natural luster comes on the hair. Its use is also beneficial for the mind and eyes.
                  • Immerse dry Indian gooseberry at night and wash hair in the morning with this water. Hair becomes healthy and gets natural beauty. Dandruff also ends. This formula is also useful for the eyes and mind. Grind henna and dry Indian goose berry and mix water in it. Hair becomes black by applying this preparation on the head.
                  9. Cucumber: (kakri):

                  Cucumber: (kakri):

                    Hair thickens by using (kakri) cucumber juice.
                    10. Cabbage:


                      Lost hair grows again by eating cabbage leaves one month regularly.
                      11. Amaranths:


                        Hair fall can be checked by eating amaranths’ leaves for one month regularly.
                        12. Holy basil:

                        Holy basil:

                          If a person is the victim of hair fall, mix water into basil leaves juice and Indian gooseberry powder. Wash hair after 10 minutes. Hair becomes long and black by its use and hair fall stops.
                          13. Sweet scented oleander:

                          Sweet scented oleander:

                            Cook sweet scented oleander root, boliospermum and luffa acutangula in banana juice. Hair fall stops by applying this paste in the hair.
                            14. Orpiment:


                              Prepare a paste by mixing 10 grams orpiment, 50 grams conch powder and 10 grams ash of bastard teak. Hair fall stops by applying this paste.
                              15. Curd:


                                For stopping hair fall, head should be washed with curd because curd has all that elements which are necessary for healthy hair. Apply curd on the head and wash hair properly after 20 minutes.
                                16. Indian mustard:

                                Indian mustard:

                                  Wash hair with Indian mustard decoction, it is very useful to stop hair fall. Boils, pimples and itch are also cured by its use.
                                  17. Henna:


                                    Grind henna or beet’s leaves like sauce and apply on the head. Hair fall stops and new hair grows.
                                    18. Cinnamon:


                                      Heat olive oil and mix honey and cinnamon powder each one spoon to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the head before 15 minutes of bathing. Its use stops hair fall.
                                      19. Turmeric:


                                        Mix beet leaves’ juice in raw turmeric and apply on the head. Its use stops hair fall. New beautiful and attractive hair grows.
                                        20. Mango:


                                          Hair grows black and long by applying the paste of mangoes’ soft leaves. Grind these leaves with raw mango fruit’s bark and mix oil. Keep this preparation in the sun. Hair fall stops and hair becomes black by its use.
                                          21. Black Indian mustard:

                                          Black Indian mustard:

                                            Alopecia ends by applying ground half toasted and half-raw black Indian mustard with bitter oil.
                                            22. Garlic:


                                              Apply garlic juice on the head and let it dry. Follow this rule thrice a day for some months regularly. Hair grows on the baldhead also by its use.
                                              23. Coconut:


                                                • Massage with coconut oil to stop hair fall.
                                                • Boil fenugreek and Indian gooseberry powder in coconut oil and apply on the head to get relief in this disease hair fall.