Colour: Hair is black, brown, white and red.

Taste: Hair is tasteless.

Structure: Hair means the hair of head. If someone talks about hair, one should consider it hair of head of a person’s head.

Nature: Hair is cool and dry.

Precaution: Eating hair is harmful for all parts of the body and its intake becomes the cause of vomiting.

Quantity: Hair is not eaten.

Quality: Apply hair on the burnt wounds to heal up them. Grind hair and mix in vinegar. Apply this paste on boils-pimples. Its use provides relief. It also reduces the swelling of spleen. Giving one pinch fine powder of hair to the child is beneficial in prolapsus ani.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Pimple due to uprooted hair (Baltor): Collect broken hair and put in a bowl while combing. Mix a little mustard oil in hair and heat slightly. Tie this mixture with help of a bandage on the affected portion. Its use will prove very beneficial.

2. Nasal diseases: Burn the hair of camel to prepare ash. Smelling this ash prevents bleeding from the nose.