Hematoxylon is an excellent remedy in the cases of throat pain, lungs pain and feeling of body contraction and feels as if any stick has kept across the chest. It gets rid of pain and cures chest contraction.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

The patient who feels head contraction, the heaviness of the eyelids and head, head warmth, etc. should take this medicine. It provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Stomach related symptoms:

Hematoxylon is used in the cases of stomachache, gas troubles, stomach swelling, rumbling sound in the stomach, loose motions, feeling suffocation and digging pain from the stomach to throat by that crop of; patient suffers from throat pain and pain in his lungs portion too. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Breasts related symptoms:

Hematoxylon should be taken in the cases of breasts contraction which increases towards epigastric, intensive pain near the chest and feeling suffocation, chest heaviness and like any stick is put across the chest. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Symptoms related to women diseases:

Hematoxylon is the great remedy in the cases of pain in hypogestriam region along with discharge of sticky and white fluid like pus, downwards pain like pressure near the vagina in the initial stage of menstrual excretion and feeling of body weakness


Some properties of Colo, Naja and Cactus can be compared with Hematoxylon.


The patient should take 3rd potency of Hematoxylon.