Habitual abortio



        When a woman becomes the victim of abortion, she feels light pain like labour pain. Besides it, she faces bleeding too.  


     Constipation for long time, disorders in hormones, excessive physical labor, and mental disturbance, no resemblance between blood groups of husband and wife, high blood pressure, swelling of kidney, diabetes or any other disease may be the causes of this disease.   

Treatment of Habitual abortion by naturopathy:

  • If the woman faces a little bleeding or there is pain in the vagina, the pregnant woman should lie at once for 2-3 hours. She should keep her feet side a little high than the head side. She should take rest for 4-5 hours in this condition. She should not lift heavy weight. She should apply a bandages of cloth drenched in cold water on her abdomen in the morning.
  • She should take balanced diet. Fruits, salad, milk, sprouted pulse and juicy foodstuffs should be included in meal on a large scale.
  • The victim of this disease should take water caltrop and raisins.
  • Use of enema with lukewarm water is very beneficial.
  • Taking hipbath (Kati-Snan) regularly is very beneficial for the victim. If there is disorder in hormones, they can be removed by adopting yoga asana. Such kinds of Asanas are as Vajra-Asana, Sarvanga-Asana, Bhunjaga-Asana, Shalabha-Asana, Dhanur-Asana, Paschimothan-Asana and Tircona-Asana.