Gymnocladus is an excellent remedy for headache, white layer on the tongue and burning sensation of the throat, forehead, temples and upper side of the eyes.

Useful in different symptoms:

Face-related symptoms:

Gymnocladus drug is used for curing problems of erysipelas, excessive sensitivity of the teeth and feeling as if flies are crawling on the face.

Throat-related symptoms:

Gymnocladus should be used in the cases of intensive throat pain, stinging pain in the throat, blocked phlegm in the throat, dry cough with rustling sound and dark cyanosis redness of the fauces and tonsils. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms.   


Gymnocladus can be compared with drugs- Lackneth, Lachesis, Rhus, Alianth, etc.


The patient should take the lower potency of its dilution (tanukaran).