Mostly, gvarafali (A kind of vegetable) is used as food of animals.Gvarafali is a type of vegetable which is found in many state of India. It is used as green vegetables. It is crop of summer season, but it can be cultivated in the rainy and spring seasons.

            Mostly, gvarafali (A kind of vegetable) is used as food of animals. Especially, it is fed to the ox, because it increases ox strength. Feeding it to the mulch animals is useful to increase milk in enough quantity. Its some kinds are used to make gum. It is sweet, dry and cool in nature, nutritive and heavy. It increases appetite and ends bile disorders. It generates phlegm and stomach gas. Its cooked vegetable is very tasty.


            Taking excessive quantity of cooked vegetable of ripe gvarafali (a kind of vegetable) generates stomachache and giddiness. The woman who suckles her baby should not take vegetables of gvarafali, because it can generate gripping in the stomach and intestines of children. Its vegetable may be harmful for the vatta patient and pregnant women too. Its latin name is “saya motisus tetragonolobus”.

Helpful medicine in different diseases:

1. Night blindness: Taking cooked vegetable of soft leaves of Gvarafali (A kind of vegetable) is useful to cure night blindness.

2. Sprain or hurt: If someone has been suffering from hurt or sprain, grind equal quantity of gvarafali (A kind of vegetable) and sesame together thereafter mix water in it. Give this mixture to the patient to drink and also tie it on the affected part. Using this process is useful to cure pain caused by hurt.

3. Piles: Grind 11 green leaves of gvarafali (a kind of vegetable) with 11 black peepers and mix about 62 ml water in it. After that, take it in the morning is useful to cure flatulence piles.

4. Ringworm: Mix juice of gvarafali (a kind of vegetable) leaves with garlic juice and apply it on ringworm, it provides relief.