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Gulakanda is red.  It is sweet and sour. It is prepared by mixing rose fruit with sugar.Color: Gulakanda is red.

Taste: It is sweet and sour.

Structure: It is prepared by mixing rose fruit with sugar.

Nature: It is cool, dry and hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of gulakanda may be harmful for the heart, cool natured and hot natured person.

Compare: It can be compared with poppy seed.

Quality: Gulakanda increases power of the memory and digestive. Taking gulakanda after meals is very useful for the brain. It is purgative. It is useful medicine to end blood disorders caused by bile.

Useful medicine in different diseases:

1. Constipation:

  • Take 30 grams gulakanda with milk regularly, it eliminates constipation. Take it and after that drink milk for one week regularly, it eliminates constipation.
  • Take 10-20 grams gulakanda twice a day, it cleans stool and eliminates constipation. It also increases appetite and the body strength.
  • Taking 2 spoons gulakanda with 200 ml light hot milk before going to bed is beneficial to get relief in constipation.
  • Boil 2 big spoons gulakanda, 4 pieces dried grapes and half spoon aniseed with 1 cup water. Constipation is eliminated by taking it. 
  • Mix gulakanda with milk and take it, it eliminates gas from the stomach.
  • Grind seeds of gulakanda, Indian gooseberry, jam of myrabalan chebulie and jam of beleric myrabalan together thereafter prepare small tablets from it. After that, take 1 tablet with hot milk or water thrice a day for some days regularly, it eliminates constipation.

2. Mouth blisters: Applying gulakanda on the blisters and wound of the mouth is useful to get relief.

3. Stomach gas: Taking 1 spoon gulakanda and 1 spoon oil of trifala or castor with 10 ml lukewarm water before going to bed is useful to eliminate gas from the stomach.

4. Weakness Taking 10-20 grams gulakanda twice a day helps in stool clearly and increases appetite. It also makes the body strong. Its powder can be used instead of gulakanda.  1-3 grams powder of gulakanda can be taken too.

5. Indignation: Taking gulakanda with honey is useful to increase digestive power.

6. Over thirst:

  • Taking gulakanda quenches over thirst too.
  • Take 3 spoons gulakanda with one glass water twice a day regularly, it quenches thirst.

7. Excess warmth:

  • Make syrup by mixing 5-20 grams gulakanda with sugar candy and take, it ends warmth of the body and provides relief. It also fairs complexion, so it is very useful for children and women.
  • Take 10 grams gulakanda with water, it ends the body warmth.
  • Mix 10 grams gulakanda with honey and take, it ends warmth of the body.

8. Stomach worms: Mix 50 grams gulakanda, 50 grams sonamakkhi, 20 grams bark of myrabalan chebulie, 20 grams dry ginger and 20 grams dried grapes with honey. Prepare small tablets from above mixture. After that, take 1 tablet with hot milk twice a day, it kills stomach worms.

9. Epistaxis (Nose bleeding): Taking 10-15 grams gulakanda with milk twice a day regularly is useful to cure chronic epistaxis.

10. High blood pressure: Taking 25-30 grams gulakanda regularly is useful to make blood pressure normal and eliminates constipation.

11. Skin diseases: Taking gulakanda is useful to cure skin diseases caused by blood disorders. 

12. Burning hands and feet syndrome:

  • Taking 6-10 grams gulakanda with milk or water twice a day regularly is useful to get relief in burning hands and feet syndrome and eye blowing. It also ends inflammation of the eyes and sole. 
  • Take gulakanda with jam of Indian gooseberry as well as mix coconut oil with water and rub it on the body, it ends inflammation.

13. Heart problems:

  • Mix sugar with gulakanda or dried flowers of rose and take, it makes the heart strong and also cures many diseases of the heart.
  • If the patient has been suffering from fast pulsation of the heart with nervousness caused by constipation, jam of Indian gooseberry or gulakanda should be given to him with milk regularly. Using this process is useful to eliminate constipation.

14. Ringworm: Taking gulakanda with milk is useful to cure ringworm.

15. Excessive sweat and offensive smell of the body:

  • Taking 10 grams gulakanda twice a day regularly is useful to end excessive sweat and offensive smell of the body.
  • Mix equal quantity of fresh leaves of rose and honey with sugar thereafter fill it in a glass pot. Put this glass pot in sun light for 3 weeks, it will prepare gulakanda. After that, take this gulakanda twice a day regularly, it ends excessive sweat and offensive smell of the body.