Guaiacum is considered as very useful for curing the problems of tonsils and mouth ulcers, tongue and palate caused by heat.

Useful in different symptoms:

Mind-related symptoms:                                

The patient who suffers from forgetfulness and lack of thinking and understanding power should take Guaiacum. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms.

Head-related symptoms:

Guaiacum is used in the cases of intensive headache, slight pain in the left portion of the head, pain in the joints of the head and face which moves towards the neck and head swelling with the feeling as if blood vessels have puffed (swollen). It gets rid of pain and cures swelling.

Eyes-related symptoms:

Guaiacum is an excellent remedy for curing pimples around the eyes, enlargement of eyeballs and feeling of eyelids smallness.

Throat-related symptoms:

Guaiacum should be taken in the cases of throat swelling with burning sensation, burning sensation of the throat with weakness of its muscles caused by throat arthritis, throat inflammation due to heat and feeling of throat dryness and feels as if something is pricking in his ears. 

Stomach-related symptoms:

Guaiacum is used for checking problems of contraction of the digestive-systems, dirty layer of the tongue, feeling bad by looking at milk and feeling of burning sensation inside the stomach and desire for eating apple or other fruits.  

Abdominal symptoms:

Guaiacum drug can be used for curing problems of loose motions, infantile diarrhoea, filled excessive air in the intestines and intestines Khamiran

Urine-related symptoms:

The patient who suffers from intensive burning sensation of the ureter after urination and frequent desire for urination should take Guaiacum. It cures burning sensation and desire for frequent urination

Symptoms related with breathing:

Guaiacum is the great remedy for curing problems of intensive dry cough, offensive smell from breath after cough, dyspnea caused by blocked phlegm and feeling of suffocation. It provides relief from stinging pain of the lungs membranes and the chest pain due to folding ribs.     

Symptoms of women diseases:

Guaiacum is considered as the best drug in the cases of irregularity of menstrual secretion, painful menses, excessive excitement of the ureter and ovary swelling of the arthritis patient. 

Back-related symptoms:

Guaiacum is used in the cases of neck stiffness, intensive pain of the shoulders, pain from the head to neck, pain from the middle portion of the scapula to the back portion of the head and feeling of slight pain in the upper side of the shoulders joint. It provides quick relief from all types of pain.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

Guaiacum should be taken in the cases of pain in the shoulders, arms and hands due to rheumatism, stinging pain of the thighs, difficulty in moving the body parts due to stiffness, joints swelling, inability to bear heat, ankles pain which moves in the legs and feeling as if any poisonous insect has stung in the body parts.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

Nux and Sepia are used for removing all the bad effects of Guaiacum.


Guaiacum can be compared with drugs- Mercurius, Rhus, Causticum, Megeri, Rodode, etc.


The patient should take mother tincture or 6th potency of Guaiacum according to the symptoms of his disease.