Grindelia is an excellent remedy for curing stomach ulcers, retching, yawning, diabetes, vaginal secretions and blisters caused by burnt.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Grindelia is used for curing chaos eyelids (eyelids enlargement), rheumatic iritis, conjunctivitis and feeling of head heaviness. The patient suffers from eyes pain which aggravates by moving the eyes and eyeballs pain which increases towards mind. Giving this medicine to the suffered patient gets rid of pain quickly.

Symptoms related with breathing:

Grindelia should be taken for checking problems of swelling in the respiratory-pipe (trachea), asthma with excessive greasy phlegm, difficult breathing while sleeping, suddenly awakes with startle during sleep, whooping cough with excessive phlegm, difficult inhaling while lying, white and hard phlegm from the respiratory-pipe, heart weakness and feeling of suffocation. 

Spleen-related symptoms:

Grindelia can be used in the cases of spleen enlargement and intensive pain in the whole spleen, which increases towards buttocks soon.  

Skin-related symptoms:

Grindelia is the great remedy for curing small and pink pimples with itching and burning sensation of the skin, skin wounds with swelling and blueness, erysipelas thatching, other diseases of the skin and feeling of skin itching.


Grindelia can be compared with drugs- Lachesis, Sanguinarea, Tarta-Emeti, etc.


Mother tincture in 1 to 15 drops of Grindelia should be given to the patient.