Gratiola is used for the treatment of loose motnios and stomach diseases. This medicine is also used for curing headache, disorders of menstruations and burning sensation of the anus during bowl movement.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Gratiola is the great remedy for curing problems of blindness caused by fast blood circulation in the head, contraction of the forehead skin, burning sensation in the eyes, difficulty in watching the nearest thing and feeling of mind contraction.

Stomach-related symptoms:

Gratiola should be used for curing deprived hunger, feeling of giddiness after meal, flatulence, pain and wrench in the stomach after taking dinner, constipation, swelling and feeling of problems in swallowing liquid products. 

Stool-related symptoms:

Gratiola is considered as very useful remedy for curing burning sensation of the anus, constipation, blood piles, rectum contraction, diluet and green loose motions like water and fast movement of the bowel.

Symptoms of women diseases:

Gratiola is an excellent remedy in the cases of menorrhagia, water from the vagina, excessive desire for sexual intercourse, menstrual secretion before the time and menstrual discharge for a long time. This medicine provides quick relief from the above symptoms.


These symptoms are aggravated by drinking much quantity of water.


The patient should take 3x or 3rd to 30th potency of Gratiola. 


The person who is not able to sleep even after lying down on the bed at night must take Gratiola. It is very useful for him.