Grapes Juice



 The Kalp of grapes juice is the best medicine to cure cancer.Introduction:

         When the diseases are cured by grape juice, it is called Draksha Kalp. In this way, many diseases are cured by whey and milk. According to need, different fruits juice can be used to cure many diseases.

           The Kalp of grapes juice is the best medicine to cure cancer. American inventors told the following the rule of Draksha Kalp:-

1. Keep fast (Vart) for 2-3 days before using the kalp of grape juice. First of all, drink water to eliminate constipation. Enema should be also used.   

2. Drink two glasses of normal water in morning at first day and after that drink grape juice six times a day since 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.; 50-100 ml grapes juice should be taken at a time.

3.  Increase double quantity of grapes juice day by day and use this treatment regularly for one week. Its quantity will be 5-6 liters in one week, there after drink same quantity for next week.

4. Grape juice doesn’t contain all essential and useful elements in proper quantity. So its Kalp can not be used for a long time. But according to need, one can take it for one month. Grape Kalp and others Kalp should be taken according to any educated and experienced doctor. This is the first stage of Draksha Kalp, in which only grapes juice is used.

5. In the second stage of Draksha kalp, mixing other nutritious juices with grape it is used. The diseases should be cured by using the second stage of Draksha kalp for two months. 

6. In the third stage of Draksha kalp, green vegetables, vegetables, juices, sprouted corn of wheat and flux and raw foods like Salad should be used and grapes juice should be also used.

7. In the fourth stage of draksha kalp, grapes juice, fruits, vegetables and lettuce should be used and along with some cooked heavy food should be also used. In this way, the stage of draksh kalp is completed within 6 months.

8. Cautions:

  • Avoid from physically and mentally tiredness and should have complete rest during the treatment of Draksha Kalp.
  • If someone has been suffering from loose-motion during the treatment of Draksha Kalp, should take less quantity of grape juice or don’t take it for 1-2 days and keep fast (Vart). Use grape juice again after recovering loose-motion.
  • If someone has been suffering from cold and catarrh, should take lukewarm grapes juice.

The patient should take Draksha Kalp under care of any able natural doctor or in any good natural medical centre.