Granatum is considered as very useful for destroying internal worms of the body. This medicine is also useful for curing retching, giddiness and excessive salivation from the mouth.

Useful in different symptoms:

Stomach-related symptoms:

Granatum is an excellent remedy for curing problems of over eating, weakness of digestion power and vomiting at night.

Head-related symptoms:

The patient suffers from weak eyesight (vision) and enlargement of the retina. The eyes are shrunken inwards. The patient always feels giddiness and head emptiness as if there is nothing inside his head. Giving Granatum to the suffered patient provides quick relief from the above symptoms.  

Stomach-related symptoms:

Granatum should be used in the cases of intensive pain of the whole stomach especially near the navel, anus itching, umbilical hernia, swelling and feeling of vaginal straining. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms.   

Chest-related symptoms:

Granatum is used in the cases of pain in the middle part of the shoulders and feeling of suffocation due to wearing clothes. It gets rid of pain and cures suffocation.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

Granatum is the best medicine in the cases of pain in the fingers joints, intensive pain of the knees joints and shoulders pain as if a lot of weight is carrying with them. This medicine gets rid of pain quickly.

Skin-related symptoms:

Granatum is used for curing problems of intensive itching of the palms, jaundice and feeling as if pimples will appear on the skin soon.


Granatum can be compared with drugs- Quacea, Tiucrium, Senna, etc.


Mother tincture or 2x to 3x potency of Granatum can be used for curing diseases.