Graduated bath


        For this purpose, such a tub is needed in which the, patient can lye down for bath. For taking this bath, water having 3-4°F less than body temperature is filled in the tub like-

         If the body temperature is 103°F, water having temperature of 100°F should be taken.

        By doing so, the patient does not face any difficulty while taking bath. When the patient lied down in the tub with naked body, temperature of water should be decreased as 1°F per 2-3 minutes continuously until temperature becomes about 86°F. Water temperature should not be decreased below 86°F. The body should be massaged with the helps of hands while lying in the tub so that he did not feel cold and shivering.

      After taking this bath, severe fever is ended. In the case of physically weak patient, sponge bath should be given before stimulated bath.