Gossipium is considered as very useful remedy for women during pregnancy. The woman who thinks menses is about to come, but there is no menses, should take this medicine. It is very useful in such conditions. 

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Gossipium is used in the cases of neck pain with head straining backwards and neuralgic problems. It gets rid of pain and cures strain and neuralgic problems. 

Stomach-related symptoms:

Gossipium is an excellent remedy for curing problems of retching, lack of appetite, vomiting daily in the morning before taking breakfast and feeling of stomach restlessness after the menstrual excretion.    

Symptoms of women diseases:

Gossipium should be used for checking problems of vaginal swelling, irritation, frequent pain of the ovary glands, vomiting while pregnancy with fragile uterus, breast abscess, amenorrhoea, back pain, stomachache with weakness and feeling of pelvic heaviness with strain.   


These symptoms are aggravated by moving the body, pressing the suffered part and before taking breakfast.


The patient gets relief by taking rest.


Gossipium can be compared with drugs like- Lillium, Simisi, Sabina, etc.

Gossypium dosage:

6x potency (dilution) or mother tincture of Gossipium should be given to the patient.