Gonorrhea and syphilis



Gonorrhea and syphilis are counted as very loathsome diseases. Both male and female can be the victim of these diseases.


Gonorrhea and syphilis are such diseases, which take birth because of sexual relation established in wrong way. All the men, who make sexual relation with harlots or characterless women, become the victim of such diseases. The same condition applies on the women too. All the women who make sexual relation with many men become the victim of these diseases.

Symptoms of syphilis:-

Wounds appear on the thigh of the patient if the cause of this disease is sexual relation established in wrong way. If one becomes careless after appearing this disease, this disease takes to the whole body in its grasp. Penis of the patient and bond of the nose decays in this disease. Besides it, the patient starts to feel pain in the joints and the woman suffers from abortion again and again or child of a woman dies after birth or handicap child takes birth.


Remember one thing about the disease named syphilis that this disease shows its effect in many generations. Treatment should not be stopped until the doctor says or the disease disappears completely because if a little poison remains in the body, it regenerates again after some time. To find out about it, blood (Kahn's Test or V.D.R.L or S.T.S) should be checked up by doctor.  A man should be definite that the disease has lost its root from the body.


This disease takes a man in its grip when he makes sexual relation with characterless woman without any precautions. There is a wound in the penis of a man in this disease. Pus comes out from the wounds and the patient feels inflammation while urinating. Besides it, urine comes drop by drop.

If a patient of gonorrhea, who has become healthy, he has no child, he should check up his semen. Poison of gonorrhea ends the sperms of the semen. Semen appears healthy if it is observed outwardly but there is no sperm in it, which are essential to make a woman pregnant.

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