Name in different languages

English        :        Goanize or Country ipeceacuana

Hindi            :        Tipati

Sanskrit       :        Triparnica, Kandbahula

Marathi         :        Tipati, Pittamari

Latin              :        Nargemia aleta


            Goanize root is sweet in taste and cool in nature. It brings phlegm out and alleviates poisoning. It is used for the treatment of bile disorders, wound, and inflammation of breathing pipe, bile enlargement and fast loose motions.

            Mix equal quantity of root, stem and stalk of goanize together. By taking about 0.80-1.30 grams of this mixture vomiting starts. Using less quantity of this mixture ends chronic swelling of the lungs and brings phlegm out.

            Taking 5-10 drops juice of goanize brings phlegm out and increases sperm count. Taking 1-2.5 grams powder of goanize root generates fast vomiting.        

            Make a decoction by boiling leaves and stem of goanize with water thereafter add bitter fragrant liquid in it. Taking this mixture ends warmth caused by bile.