Glycerinum is used for removing the weakness of the body and mind. Besides  them , this medicine is also used for curing diabetes

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Glycerinum is an excellent remedy for curing intensive burning sensation of the head, severe headache before 2 days of menstrual secretion and feeling of heaviness in the rear of the head and feels as if weight has kept on the head.

Nose-related symptoms:

Glycerinum should be used for curing problems of chocked nose, excessive sneezing, discharge from the rear of the nose and feeling as if something is crawling on the mucous membrane.

Chest-related symptoms:

Glycerinum is used for curing intensive cough with feeling of body weakness, influenza, pneumonia and feeling as if something has filled in the chest. 

Urine-related symptoms:

Glycerinum is the great remedy for curing diabetes mellitus with frequent urination, additional sugar coming with urine and diabetes. 

Symptoms of women diseases:

The woman suffers from menorrhagia with feeling of heaviness as if someone is giving pressure on her uterus downwards. The woman also feels tiredness in the entire body. Giving Glycerinum to the suffered woman provides quick relief from the above symptoms. 

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

Glycerinum should be taken in the cases of intensive pain of the feet, relapsing rheumatic pain and feeling of feet warmth and enlargement. It gets rid of pain and removes warmth.


Glycerinum can be compared with drugs- Lactic acid, Gelsemium and Calca.


30x to higher potency of Glycerinum should be given to the patient according to the symptoms of his disease.