Glonine is considered as very useful remedy in the cases of all the types of headache like- pain of women during menses, headache due to accumulation of blood in the head and headache which aggravates or reduces with sun rising and sunset.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Glonine is the great remedy in the cases of headache with burning sensation, headache which aggravates by going in to the sunshine, intensive irritation, giddiness due to sitting straight, headache during menstrual excretion, high circulation of blood towards head during pregnancy, inability to bear any types of warmth in the head, brain swelling, nerves pain of head and face with twist, feeling of head enlargement and headache which aggravates with sunrising and reduces with sunset. It cures headache, burning sensation, giddiness and irritation.  

Eyes-related symptoms:

The patient feels as if something strange are dancing in front of his eyes and everything seems as half white and half black. The patient seems characters as very subtle during reading news paper or any book. Giving Glonine to the suffered patient provides quick relief from the above symptoms.    

Mouth-related symptoms:

Glonine is used for curing severe burning sensation of the mouth with intensive toothache 

Ears-related symptoms:

Glonine can be used in the cases of intensive pain of the ears and feeling of ears strain and echoing of every heartbeat. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms and gets rid of ears pain too.

Face-related symptoms:

Glonine should be taken in the cases of facial fadeness, facial redness caused by anger, profuse sweating from the face as if it has washed with water and feeling of pain in the nasal joints. It provides relief from above symptoms. 

Throat –related symptoms:

The patient feels suffocation and has to open the buttons of his shirt for getting relief. The patient suffers from swelling in the rear of the ears and feeling of neck straining. It cures suffocation, swelling and strain.

Stomach-related symptoms:

Glonine is an excellent remedy for curing problems of retching, vomiting, over eating, slow blood circulation with gastric pain of the anemia patient and feeling of stomach emptiness.

Abdominal symptoms:

Glonine is used for curing loose motions, excessive stool and bowl movement in the form of black and small pieces, contipastion with stomach pain and blood piles and feeling of stomach pain like biting before or after the bowl movement.  

Symptoms of women diseases:

Sometimes, the woman suffers from irregularity of menstrual secretion or amenorrhoea by that crop of blood gets accumulated in the head. The woman feels burning sensation in his eyes after the menstrual secretion. Giving this medicine to the suffered woman cures amenorrhoea and makes menstrual secretion normal.

Heart –related symptoms:

Glonine should be used for checking problems of difficult inhaling, dyspnea (difficult breathing) while climbing upwards, burning sensation of the fingers joints and the whole body and unconsciousness caused by high circulation of blood towards the heart just after doing any hard work.  

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:  

Glonine is an excellent remedy in the cases of itching of the entire body especially in outer parts of the body, intensive pain of the back and feeling of strain in all the parts of the body.


These symptoms are aggravated by shocking, by going into sunshine, affecting sun-rays on the head, sitting near the brazier, lying down, drinking brandy and after cutting hairs.  

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

Acona removes all the bad effects of Glonine.    


Glonine can be compared with drugs like- Amyl-Nitrosum, Belladonna, Opium, Stramonium, Veretrum-viride, etc. 


6th to 30th potency of Glonine should be given to the patient according to his symptoms.