Introduction :

           A patient of glaucoma observes a round circle of different colours around the white light like rainbow. Eyesight becomes weak and the patient looks nothing clearly. There is little ache in the eyes and eyeballs become hard.


           Eye’s black ball becomes hard like stone because of excessive water filled in eyes in this disease. A person looks different colours around the light in this disease. These are the primary characteristic of this disease. Sometimes, this disease occurs suddenly. A person’s eyes are well before going to bed but at night all of sudden there is pain in eyes and he becomes blind totally until morning. Water begins to fill in a person’s eyes and both eyes become white. Finally, eyesight of the person lost totally.


         There is no definite cause of glaucoma until now but stomach problems, indigestion and gastric problems are its main causes. Therefore, stomach should be soft and the person should avoid from indigestion and gastric problems.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Wild thyme: Wild thyme sauce should be eaten to enhance eyesight.

2. Aniseed: Glaucoma is cured by taking 1\4 to 2 grams aniseed daily.

3. Cuttle fish bone:  There is an important place of cuttle fish bone for the treatment of many eye diseases. Blindness and glaucoma are cured by applying it as collyrium.

4. Prickly poppy milk: Apply prickly, poppy milk with ghee twice or thrice a day. Its milk can be put after drying and can be used in need mixing with ghee. Eyesight enhances by its use.

5. Onion: Apply onion juice in the eyes mixing with honey. Its use provides relief for the treatment of blindness and glaucoma.

6. Gallstone: Grind gallstone and apply it in the eyes mixing with honey as like collyrium. Its use enhances eyesight.

7. Cubeb: If a person looks nothing or looks little, he should take 1-4 grams cubeb twice a day. Its use provides relief and eyesight returns.

8. Gandhamalti: The paste of Gndhmalti flowers is very useful for the treatment of eye diseases.

9. Sesbenia grandiflora Flower: If eyesight becomes weak, drip sesbenia flower juice in the eyes twice or thrice a day. Its use provides a lot of relief.

10. Tobacco: If eyesight has gone because of excessive use of tobacco, take 60-24a grams purified poison nut. Its use provides relief in this disease.

11. Gold thread: Apply gold thread as collyrium in eyes continuously. Its use is very beneficial for the treatment of several eye diseases.

12. Indian pennywort: Massage with Indian pennywort oil and purified oil enhances strength and mentally power on one hand. On the other hand, its use enhances eyesight also.

13. Potato: Grind a raw potato after peeling on a slab and apply this paste in the eyes with a surgical probe. Its use provides relief.

14. Triphala powder (myrolealans, beleric myrobalans and Indian gooseberry): Apply 3-5 grams triphala powder with honey and ghee in the eyes to get relief in all the eye diseases.

15. Neem: Glaucoma is cured by applying neem stem peel’s ash in eyes as collyrium.

16. Ghee: Take 1\4 gram loh dhatri with honey or ghee after and before meal, it cures stomach problems on one hand, eyesight and hair enhance by its use on the other hand. Its use blackens to the white hair.

17. Yeast: Take 3-6 grams Onosma Bracteatum yeast with cow milk or 10 grams silver yeast Onosma with 120 grams juice of Onosma yeast or water thrice a day. Eyesight will enhance by its use and the person becomes happy and gay.