Glasses or contact lens

Glasses or contact lens

Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


      Several women don’t put on glasses (specks) because they think that their beauty will disappear if they put on glasses. But many women know how they can give themselves good look after putting on specks too. This thing depends on the frame of the specks put on by you and way of make up. None will comment on you by paying attention on these things.

How to make up by putting on specks:

         If you are the victim of farsightedness, your eyes appear large through the specks put on by you. In this case, color of make up near about the eyes appears spread on large scale. Therefore, try to adopt light make as far as it is possible. Light colors should not be used for make up. Choose only such colors which are known as color of freshness as light pink color on the brown complexion. But if you are the victim of shortsightedness, you should choose such kind of lens by which your eyes may appear smaller than the real size. Hence, use dark colors and mascara for eyes’ make up.


  • Make up should not be done out of the frame of the specks.
  • Don’t use shiny colors for make up.
  • Remember one thing while purchasing speck that frame of the specks should in the line of eyebrows or a little below from it. The frame of the specks which comes to the cheeks gives a big look to your eyes and they appear big.  
  • Use mascara by cleansing eyelids properly otherwise color can come on the lens of specks because of eyelids contact with the specks.
  • Dark circles become clearer than before after putting on the specks.
  • If you put on specks with colorful lens, you should apply average make up otherwise it will be strange. 
  • Eyes appear closer to each other. Hence, choose such kind of colors in make up which may give a large look to your eyes.

Make after putting on make up:

         If you put on contact lens in your eyes, eyes’ make up becomes easy. Adoption of lens improves your eyesight and avoids you from the specks. In addition to, everything seems real. If you put on contact lens, you should remember following things at the time of make up of eyes.


  • Apply cream or lubricated lotion on the tip of fingers and smoothen to the contact lens. Hence, you should put on contact lens before make up.
  • If you want to spray in your hair, it should be done before the adoption of contact lens. Take bath and comb your hair before putting on contact lens. Sprinkle perfume all over the body and wash your hand properly. Then you should put on contact lens and finally you can start your make up.
  • Make up should be done carefully near about the eyes whether you are putting on contact lens or not. Adopt magnifying glass at the time of make up will be beneficial. Don’t haste at the time of make up.
  • Pencil eyeliner can be used on the upper side of eyelids but don’t use eyeliner or other make up products inside the eyelids.
  • Observe it properly before using mascara that soft lenses been put on properly. If you don’t do so, lenses can fall at the time of using mascara.  
  • Women who put on hard contact lenses like to put on lens after make up. Lenses can fall when you use eyeliner or eye shadow by pulling eyelids outwardly. In this case, you can suffer by the light use of applicator. Yet, hard lenses can be put on if your hands are clean.    
  • If you use artificial eyelids on the eyes, set them properly before putting on contact lens otherwise you can face troubles at the time of make up.
  • Wash your hands properly before putting on contact lenses. You can feel itching in your eyes if your eyes are dirty at the time of putting on contact lenses.
  • Women who put on contact lenses should use liquid foundation, base, cream, rouse, eye shadow, water base, mascara or eyeliner. By doing so, there is no doubt of particles’ gathering under the eyes. Don’t use such kinds of mascara in which long fibers are found. Their presence in the eyes can be harmful for them.  
  • Choose make up remover or night cream of which base is mineral oil not lanolin. Mineral oil gets dissolved in water soon. Oiliness element of lanolin can smoothen to the contact lenses. 
  • If you have put on lenses already because of hurriedness, don’t give pressure on them while applying eye shadow. Pressure on the eyelids can be harmful for their muscles and lenses can remove from their places. Similarly, apply eyeliner very carefully on the eyelids. Glands of eyelids can stop their work because of closing hair pores near about the eyelids. There is doubt of the infection near about the eyelids.  
  • Artificial eyelids, nail polish remover and colon should be kept far from contact lenses other they can spoil.


  • Remove contact lenses at the time of washing hair.
  • If you are spraying in your hair by putting on contact lenses, you should close your eyes.
  • Keep on blinking at the time of hair dressing so that tear of the eyes may not dry.