Ginseng acts effectively on the lower section of the spinal-cord.  Besides it, this medicine is also used in the cases of back pain, sciatica, rheumatic pain, symptoms of skin diseases, hiccup and small pimples on neck and chest with itching.  

Useful in various symptoms: 

Head-related symptoms:

Ginseng is the great remedy in the cases of migraine, difficulty in opening the eyelids, seeming everything as double and giddiness caused by head roaming by that crop of the patient feels strange spots in front of his eyes. This medicine provides quick relief from the above symptoms.

Throat-related symptoms:

Ginseng should be taken for curing tonsillitis.

Symptoms of men diseases:

Ginseng is used in the cases of rheumatic pain caused by incontinence ejaculation of sperm, weakness of genitalia organs and excited sough on the tip of the ureter, glory of sexual excitement and feeling of pressure on the testicles. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms.

Stomach-related symptoms:

Ginseng is an excellent remedy for checking problems of the stomach hardness, stomachache, strange sound from the stomach, pain in right portion of the stomach and intensive tickling of the intestines.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

Ginseng should be used in the cases of hands swelling, intensive pain in the thighs and in the lower part of the back, severe burning sensation in the fingers joints, pimples in the upper segment of the thighs, joints stiffness, back stiffness and feeling of skin hardness, shivering on the back bone and back, heaviness of genitalia organs and joints sizzling. This medicine provides quick relief from the above symptoms.


Ginseng can be compared with drugs like- Areli, Coco, Hedra, etc.


The patient can take mother tincture or 3rd potency of Ginseng.