A person suffers from giddiness or vertigo when plenty blood does not supply in the brain. Besides it, a person can be the victim of giddiness because of low or high blood pressure. A person suffers from vertigo when there is swelling at the middle of the ear. Obstinate constipation, heat, anemia, walk in the sun, excessive copulation, excessive masturbation, disturbed menses and great exhaustion are the other causes of vertigo.


           In this disease, the patient feels darkness before the eyes. All objects seem to him as if they were moving before his eyes. The patient falls down after the fit of vertigo. The victim returns in his senses after some time.

Treatment by different medicines :

1. Cloves: Boil two cloves in 2 cup of water and drink. The victim does not become the victim of vertigo if this formula is accepted.

2. Dry grapes: Crush 4-5 raisins in water and drink this mixture. A person does not suffer from vertigo by drinking this preparation.

3. Aniseed: Grind aniseed and apply on the head. A person does not become the victim of vertigo and headache due to heat if this formula is followed.

4. Turmeric: Grind raw turmeric and apply on the head like a paste. Its use relives a person in this disease.

5. Onion: The patient of vertigo gets free from this disease if he smells onion juice.

6. Basil:

  • Mix 5 drops of basil leaves juice and one spoon sugar in one cup of water. A person does not become the victim of sunstrokes and vertigo by drinking this preparation.
  • Mix basil leaves juice, ginger juice and honey altogether. Its use is an efficacious treatment of this disease named vertigo.

7. Cardamom: Mix jiggery in cardamom decoction and take twice a day. This medicine is beneficial for the treatment of this disease.

8. Sweet flag: Prepare a powder by grinding sweet flag, ribbed luffa and dry ginger to make a fine powder. Mix 5 grams opium in this powder and grind again with water. Apply this preparation upon the head like paste. The victim of vertigo becomes free from this disease if he follows this formula truly.

9. Indian gooseberry:

  • Wrap jam of Indian gooseberry with silver layer (chandi ki berk) and eat in the morning on empty stomach. Its use provides relief in this disease.
  • Grind thickly dry Indian gooseberry and dry coriander each 6 grams and immerse in 100 ml water at night. Crush it in the morning and sieve. Mix sugar in it and take. Its use ends thirst, heat and the victim gets a lot of relief.

10. Tamarind: Immerse 25 grams tamarinds without seeds in 125 ml water for one hour. Thereafter, crush them and mix loafsugar in it. This medicine is good remedy in this disease.

11. Myrolelans:Mix three grams coriander and one-gram small cardamom in one compote of myrolelans. Take it twice a day. The patient gets free from this disease by following this formula.

12. Henna: Lick 3 grams seeds of henna with honey to get relief. Its flowers decoction is also useful for the treatment of vertigo. Take wheat bread, loafsugar and ghee just after having above medicine. It is a good medicine for the treatment of this disease.

13. Asafetida: Toast asafetida with ghee and take with ghee. Its use provides relief in this disease during pregnancy.

14. Coriander: Mix Indian gooseberry and green coriander in water and drink.

15. Sugar: Mix sugar and dry coriander each two grams altogether and chew to get relief in this disease.

16. Indian gooseberry: If the cause of vertigo is heat and the patient has been suffering from nauseate, the syrup of Indian gooseberry should be taken by the patient to get relief.

17. Raisin: Toast 20 grams raisin with ghee and take mixing with rock salt. Its use proves beneficial in this disease.

18. Lemon: Mix 2 spoons lemon juice in one cup of water. It is good remedy for the treatment of vertigo.

19. Edipta Alba: Mix 3 grams sugar in 4 grams of Edipta Alba juice. Take it twice a day. Its regular use for some days ends the weakness and victim of this disease does not become the victim of vertigo.

20. Coffee: A person, victim of vertigo and vomiting while voyage, should take coffee before one hour to remain far away from this problem. Beside it, fill coffee in a bottle and take to drink during journey. This medicine provides good results in this situation.

21. Black peppers:

  • A person does not suffers from nauseate and vertigo only by chewing black pepper corns.
  • There is no giddiness if black pepper corns’ powder is taken mixing with sugar and ghee.