Color: Ghunghchi leaves are green. Its seeds are red, black and white spotty.

Taste: It is light pungent.

Structure: Its creeper is found in forests. Its leaves are like tamarind leaves but it sweet in taste. Its fruit and flower are like bean fruit and flower.

Nature: Ghunghchi is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of ghunghchi may be harmful for the hot natured persons, because it can generate headache.

Dose: It can be used in one gram quantity.

Quality: Taking ghunghchi increases the body strength and sperm count. It ends the bad effects of spirits. Make the powder by grinding white ghunghchi (Without peel) and mix it with milk to prepare rabri (typical sweetmeat prepared from boiled milk and sugar). After that, take this rabri, it increases sperm count. Its oil is useful to cure skin diseases. Its root and seeds can be used in medicines.

Useful in this disease:

Contraceptive: If the woman will take one seed of ghunghchi with water on empty stomach in the morning after menstrual excretion period, she will not become pregnant till one year. In this way, use this process second day then she will not become pregnant till two year. And use this process third day then she will not become pregnant till three year.