Gentiana lutea




Gentiana lutea is an excellent remedy for curing all the diseases of the stomach. It makes stomach strong and enhances appetite.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Gentiana lutea is used in the cases of eyes pain, intensive pain of the forehead, feeling of mind looseness and feeling of giddiness which aggravates by walking or moving and ameliorates in open air. This medicine gets rid of pain and cures giddiness. 

Throat-related symptoms:

Gentiana lutea should be taken for checking problems of thick and excessive saliva from the mouth and feeling severe dryness of the throat.

Stomach-related symptoms:  

Gentiana lutea is the great remedy for curing problems of sour belching, retching, stomachache, stomach bloating (flatulence), over eating and feeling of stomach heaviness as if weight has kept inside the stomach.


Gentiana lutea can be compared with drugs like- Gentiana-Quinkiflora, Gentiana-cruciata, Hydrastis, Nux, etc.


The patient should take Gentiana lutea in 1st to 3rd potency (dilute).