General Complaints of Pregnancy and their Treatment


Pregnancy articles:

Varicose vein-

  • In women, big blue veins start appearing (to visible) in the legs of a pregnant before and sometime after conception. It is called varicose vein.
  • As well as pregnancy period passes, the different body parts of a pregnant like nipples, areola, the outer section of labia (vagina) and the skin of anus start becoming black. Addition to it, black spots and shades start visible on the skin of both the cheeks and middle section of forehead. These are known as chloasma. The main reason of blackening of skin is to gather melanin pigment beneath the skin. This pigment is produced due to stimulating fluid.  
  • In pregnancy period, a black line starts appearing (visible) on the section below navel, which is called lenia nigra. In the both sides of this line, small whit/e lines start appearing beneath the skin due to fat, which is known as strigrabidoram. Such types of marks are also appeared on the stomach, breasts and thighs. After delivery, such types of marks are left on the body permanently due to stretchiness of the muscles. This type of changes take place in the body after increasing stimulating fluid named S.C.T.H.    
  • During pregnancy, big veins like- inferior, vinacava, femoral vein, saphnus vein, etc. start appearing due to falling pressure on them, because blood does not able to come back easily to the upper parts of the body as well as the valve of these veins are also become weak. They do not able to carry blood upward. The blood feels obstruction while coming back in the legs muscles due to pregnancy. Due to this obstruction, the legs veins present beneath skin and thinner walls start appearing easily, which is known as varicose veins. 
  • In this condition, women should take rest as much possible as she can; should not stand for long time and she should not sit as crossed legs; she should sleep with making her legs little up; she should move her legs on the ground after sitting on a chair so that exercise of her legs muscles can done.
  • Since, this varicose veins is located at the distance of about 12 meter from the heart, so extra blood pressure falls on them by that crop of these veins are appeared after swelling as well as spread and visible as zigzag from out side due to lack of space. They have violent pain too. A valve is found in these veins at a distance of every 15 cm that are not able to function well due to filling blood. This valve is small in shape and is located in the joints and is placed in front of veins.  

Piles (hemorrhoids) in pregnancy-

  • The pressure falls on hips veins due to foetus weight, its location and the weight of uterus during pregnancy period. Blood is started to be accumulated in all the veins. Due to this accumulation, veins near the anus start appearing as thick caused by expansion. It is called hemorrhoids.
  • There are two types of hemorrhoids- hemorrhoid that is found inside the anus is called internal hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids found outside the anus is called external hemorrhoids.   


  • When a woman has to apply force at the time of excretion due to constipation, hemorrhoids are occurred.
  • She is also suffered from hemorrhoids due to having frequent excretion and sitting longer for excretion.
  • Due to hemorrhoids, the body muscles of women are become loose and weak that generate disturbance in proper blood circulation.
  • Woman does not able to take her meals on time due to unquiet family environment, which is responsible for hemorrhoids.
  • During pregnancy period, the pressure of foetus head falls on blood vessels and she is suffered from hemorrhoids.
  • Due to pressure of her uterus during pregnancy, she has complaints of hemorrhoids.
  • Falling pressure of the uterus and foetus on the stomach veins of women is also the main reason of hemorrhoids.  
  • When hemorrhoids are about to occur, woman feels burning and itching sensation. These veins grow slowly and start hanging from muscles. It is known as hemorrhoids (piles). After excretion, it is expanded more. It comes out as much as it has to push inside the anus slowly with the help of fingers. During this activity, you should be careful about touching your nails, because bleeding can take place by the touch of nails. In few cases, blood is also accumulated in the veins of piles, which is known as bloody piles. It creates lots of troubles and pain to the patients.

Treatment of hemorrhoids-

  • Hemorrhoids are occurred in women due to constipation during pregnancy period. So, the treatment of constipation is very necessary. In case of constipation, you should change your diet immediately. Ointment should be applied on it after washing with lukewarm water. After excretion, the anus should be fomented with water after adding potassium paramagnet in it and tube should be pushed inside the anus with the help of hand.
  • The hemorrhoids patient should sit for little while in toilet. It is come back also by taking enough rest. Hemorrhoids are treated by surgery (operation) after making the patient unconscious with the help of injection or other medicines. But it should not be treated in this way (by operation or with the help of injection) during pregnancy period; it is harmful for both mother and baby.  
  • Normal hemorrhoids are cured by their selves after pregnancy, but be careful about your weight that must be balanced and you should take balanced diet timely.

Muscular cramps during pregnancy-

  •  Muscular cramps, particularly in the muscles of both the legs, start in the last period of pregnancy due to deficiency of calcium, vitamin ‘B’, ‘E’ and mineral salt in the body of a woman. In case of legs cramps, the legs muscles should be pressured and bended after bending both big toes inwards and these muscles should be massaged. 
  • Women should take appropriate quantity of calcium, vitamin, milk and milk products, green leafy vegetables, lettuce, pulses, etc. in her diet. In case of cramps, taking lemon water added with salt provided relief. Salt should not be taken in case of high blood pressure and she should need to talk with her doctor. It is very important.
  • To stop cramps, you should try to bend her legs from knees or joints many times. It helps in exercising of the legs from joints to muscles. Addition to it, walking on heels, claws and walking by giving force on the feet edges are also beneficial. In case of cramps, walking little distance is also beneficial.

Incomplete breathing during pregnancy-

        As well as feotus grows inside uterus, the size of the uterus also starts increasing upward that causes extra pressure on the lungs and breath does not able to come out properly. This trouble is increased more in case of twins inside the uterus. In this case, she feels additional obstruction in breathing as sitting time. So, she should take rest as much possible as she can. In case of difficult breathing, she should avoid sitting on the floor, working as bending her shoulders, walking with carry weight, etc.     

Increasing heartbeats during pregnancy-

        Feeling fast heartbeats and increased breathing rate and heartbeats are common in pregnancy period. The heart acts as to provide blood (oxygen) in the body of both the mother and foetus. Due to which, heartbeats are increased. The heart muscles are also increased due to working hard due to which the heart has to do about 35 to 40 % extra work.     

Vertigo, nervousness and over sleep during pregnancy-

        The complaints of vertigo, nervousness, etc. are common due to improper supplying of blood (oxygen) in a pregnant body. Such women have also low blood pressure. Women feel over tiredness, lethargy and over sleep due to reaching less blood in the brain. In the initial three months of pregnancy (first trimester), the blood pressure is low comparison to the blood pressure of normal women. Due to it, vertigo can occur in women and she can fall down while working and get hurts in her body. In this stage, women have to care herself extra. Low blood pressure does not harm mother as well as foetus. She should walk in open air slowly and should keep away herself from polluted environment. Long journey, hard working or sitting longer can be harmful for women.              

Itching and burning sensation-

        Itching and burning sensation on the body are the normal complaints of pregnancy. This type of itching and burning sensation can be occurred on the stomach and on the legs occasionally too. In case of itching, red eruptions start appearing on the skin. As well as pregnancy period passes, the skin is stretched that causes burning and itching sensation in the body. In pregnancy, it is known as allergy. Coconut oil, olive oil or caladril lotion can be used on this allergy. By applying 2 spoons of glycerin, 2 spoons of rose water, half spoon of lemon juice, etc. after mixing altogether on the skin, it becomes soft and itching and burning sensation of this place are also eliminated.      

          Burning sensation often occur in the vagina during pregnancy period. Due to additional circulation of blood in the muscles of vagina and hips, bacteria generate itching sensation. This type of itching and burning sensation does not harm the foetus, but creates more troubles for mother. To get rid of it, the vagina should be washed 3-4 times properly with lukewarm water added few drops of any antiseptic in it. It ends burning and itching sensation of the body.  

Pain in the feet due to slipper, shoes and sandil-

  • Pain in the feet and calves due to wearing high heeled slipper (sandil) is common in women. Normal slipper (flat soled) should be used in pregnancy so that she can not able to slip or fall down. She should not use any foot wear in the house or if needed, normal slipper should be used.
  • The feet are located at long distance from the heart, so blood reaches to them late as well as return back late. Therefore, caring the feet is very important. Injury of the foot takes long time to heal especially in women who have high blood pressure, diabetes and toxins present inside their body.
  • All the body weight is carried by feet. In pregnancy period, the feet are swollen due to loosing the ligament and muscles of the body. There are three types of supporting bones are found in legs bones. Two of them are located from front to back and one is located from one side to other side that is known as arches. If it is curved extra, women can suffered from pain in their feet for the whole life.
  • For caring feet, they should be washed regularly with lukewarm water added salt in it and should be massaged. A woman should walk with short steps during her pregnancy.   

Unable to take in breath through nose-

        Due to hormonal changed in pregnancy, the sinus wall of the nose gets swelling that takes place in mucus membrane. It causes difficulty in inhaling (breath in). This type of complaint has found in the entire pregnancy period. After delivery, this complaint is eliminated by itself. Taking exercise of long breathing in this case is appropriate.

Bleeding from the nose-

        Sometimes bleeding starts from the nose of a woman in pregnancy due to high blood pressure, but if blood pressure remains normal and yet blood came through nose, it is due to suppressing of nose or increasing blood circulation of nasal wall due to hormonal changes. Sometimes bleeding is also started by putting finger inside the nose. For the treatment of it, drops of medicines or Vaseline is used in the nose.

Waist pain (backache)-

        Normally the body weight of a woman goes on increasing in pregnancy period that influences muscles and mainly on waist bones. Waist pain occurs due to lack of calcium and protein. Therefore, a pregnant should take an appropriate amount of calcium and protein in her diet and she should take also light exercise according to her condition. Body weight should be kept control. She should not work as bending posture during pregnancy. It is also a chief reason of waist pain. The weight of the whole body should be hold (kept) equally on both her legs and should take light exercise by stretching muscles. While sleeping or lying, a small pillow can be placed under the waist for little while. It provides relief and comfort to her. Loose and cotton clothes should be worn during sleep.   

        As well as pregnancy period passes, bones connector of hips bones that tie two joints starts falling loose (weak) by it that caused pain in the hips. To prevent this type of pain, women should take complete rest or give rest to her waist and hips daily in middle of work. Sometimes pain is also moved to the back portion of the legs. In this condition, she should take complete rest and light exercise.

Breasts pain-

        Increasing the size of stomach with foetal growth is common in pregnancy. Due to it, pain can take place in the breasts and below them after 6 months of pregnancy. Pressure falls on other organs like- liver, stomach, intestines, etc.

Pain in the legs and stomach during pregnancy period-

        As well as foetal growth keeps on continuing, the bones joints of hips also go on softening so that foetus can get enough space for coming out at delivery time and bones could push backwards. Due to it, pain in the legs and stomach is naturally.    

Insensitiveness and swelling of the fingers and toes-

        In pregnancy period, less blood circulation and over weight is natural (common) that causes swelling in the hands and legs. This type of swelling is due to additional water inside the body. It is know as edema. Due to this accumulated fluid (water), pressure falls on the nerves and muscles causing insensitiveness of the fingers and toes. Since, fluid keeps on gathering at night, so swelling is more in the next morning. As day begins and woman is engaged in her works, swelling starts eliminating. Such type of swelling takes place additionally in the face, hands, legs, joints, etc. the swelling is also aggravated by wearing tight clothes or due to high blood pressure. Thus, she should take salt and protein in less quantity in her diet. Sitting or standing longer, traveling, etc. is not good for her in pregnancy period. If swelling does not ameliorate even after taking all the possible precautions, talk to her doctor immediately, because it can be occurred also due to the weakness of kidneys.     

Desiring for eating raw rice, soil, coal, tamarind or raw mango-

        Due to deficiency of calcium, protein, iron, vitamins, mineral salt, etc. in a woman’s body during her pregnancy period, it often has observed (found) that she has desires for eating such strange things that is very harmful for her body like- raw rice, soil, coal, tamarind or raw mango, etc. therefore, she should take diet having calcium, protein, iron, vitamins, mineral salt, etc. in an appropriate quantity. 

Pain and tiredness in the body of a pregnant-

          Balanced diet, sound sleep and mental peace are beneficial for a pregnant. Pain and tiredness persist in her body due to lack of blood. During this period, taking sleep for about 9-10 hours is very important. Sleep is also necessary in the day when needed; it provides relief in other troubles too. 

Mental disturbance during pregnancy-

        Due hormonal changes during pregnancy period, sometimes women feel happiness and sometimes feel disturbance. So, women should live with peaceful mind and understanding each matter is very useful of her health.             

Lack of sleep (sleeplessness) during pregnancy-

  • Different types of changes take place in woman’s body during pregnancy period that are responsible for various complication in her mind and she does not able to sleep at night due to worry about her family, social and economy and becomes the victim of sleeplessness (insomnia). In this condition, she should talk to her husband and other family members so that she feels better. She should need to keep her mind always happy and tension free and take complete sleep.  
  • Frequent desires for urination at night can disturb while sleeping, so she should have free from toilet at night before going to bed and liquid substances should be taken less in the evening.
  • Hot milk, fomentation with hot water, fomentation of legs calves with lukewarm water added with lahori salt, fomentation with oil, etc. are beneficial and help in sound sleep. For getting sound sleep, you can also take help of yoga, exercise and practice of long breath.  
  • If woman feels that she does not able to sleep properly at night due to sleeping in the day, she can take only rest in the day. You should lie down on both the sides and lying down on back (straight) for sometimes is also beneficial. It helps in proper digestion. 
  • During first trimester (initial three months of pregnancy), nauseate and vomiting are common because of hormonal changes inside women’s body. In the next three months (second trimester), mother starts feeling the movement of foetus inside her uterus. It also creates disturbance while sleeping. as well pregnancy period passes as the size of stomach increases with other complaints like- profuse urination, difficulty in breathing, stomach troubles, frequent hunger, loose motions, itching sensation, tiredness, pain, etc. due to which she does not able to sleep properly that generates tiredness in the brain and nerves. Thus, she starts dreaming at night due to weakness of brain and nerves. 
  • Women should talk to a doctor about such complaints. In the beginning of pregnancy, doctor does not give tablets for sleep, but later gives in little quantity.       

Headache in women during pregnancy-

        Headache can be occurred during pregnancy due to physical troubles, family and mental tension, worry of pregnancy; blood pressure, etc. pain in the forehead, above the eyes, pain in the head caused by light, weak vision (sight), etc. are common in it. The patient can get relief easily with the help of medicines, but taking tablets for sleep can be harmful.  

Ribs pain during pregnancy-

        Increasing the size of uterus along with passing pregnancy period is common. After 32 to 36 weeks, the upper section of the uterus starts pressing the lower section of the ribs causing violent pain in the right side, because uterus grows more towards right side. Sometimes, pain persists in both the sides. She feels more pain while sitting than lying or walking time.

        Woman should keep her bladder always empty so that uterus pressure can able to fall less on the ribs. As soon as foetus head attaches to the hips bones, pain is ameliorated by itself, but this stage comes in women after 36 weeks of pregnancy. This pain is ameliorated by itself in the second and third pregnancy.     

Journey during pregnancy-

        If a woman is healthy during her pregnancy period, she can travel short distances. Railway is the best and safe means for journey, because a pregnant can sit with ease or can lying down comfortably on the birth of a train in other hand, her body can get jerk while traveling by bus and she has to sit without bending her legs according to her wish that causes swelling in the legs. By traveling in an aeroplane, vomiting can takes place or heart related problems can occur. If a woman has the history of miscarriage, she should avoid journey as far as possible.

Walking and wandering-

        The best exercises during pregnancy are walking, wandering and taking long breath in open air. In this period, walking slowly, wandering and exercising are very beneficial. Tiredness by walking fast or over walking can be harmful for a pregnant. While walking, she should avoid high heeled shoes or sandal.

Use of medicines in pregnancy-

        If a pregnant intake any medicines without asking to her doctor, it can be harmful of her health.

Smoking during pregnancy period-

       Smoking in pregnancy is very harmful. It starts influencing the foetus from 4th month. Physical and mental growth starts affecting by its use. Due to it, the bones and muscles of the foetus are also become weak. It makes unborn child weak, because woman is suffered from deficiency of vitamin ‘B’ inside her body due to cigarette smokes that is harmful for both mother and baby. Due to cigarette smokes, oxygen is not able to reach inside the body of mother and baby. It has nicotine and monoxide, which is a type of poison. It harms the body so much and destroys RBCs. The attachment of the foetus with ovule becomes loose by inappropriate oxygen with other complaints like- improper foetal growth, improper mental growth of baby, death of the baby inside the stomach, premature birth, bursting of uterus membrane, weakness in the baby, bleeding or high blood pressure, ear diseases and high hearing, the complaints of fits, respiratory disease in the baby or miscarriage too.

       Husband who smokes in the presence of his pregnant wife makes his wife as well as unborn baby sick. Such husbands should also avoid it.

Use of liquor (wine) during pregnancy period-

        women who take alcohol during pregnancy, the physical structure of their unborn baby can be affected from birth like- nerves weakness, improper body growth, lack of desire in drinking milk, inability to suck milk from mammary glands, less body weight, weakness of the brain and facial structure, sometimes crackling of the upper lip and palate, etc.

Consumption of tobacco during pregnancy period-

          By consuming tobacco, disorders like weak child, less body weight and short height of the child are found. It is very harmful for unborn child. By consuming tobacco, nicotine is gathered inside the body of mother and unborn baby due to which, foetus gets less blood and the shape of ovule start increasing. By the use of tobacco, the baby can take birth before time and bleeding takes place profusely from uterus after delivery.


        Normally cycling in pregnancy period is not harmful, but by falling down while cycling in the beginning of pregnancy, bleeding can take place. Amniotic fluid can be blown from amniotic gland that can become responsible for miscarriage or birth before time. Therefore, she should avoid cycling in pregnancy period as far as possible.   

Driving or riding-

         Riding a horse during pregnancy period is harmful. Driving any vehicles is also harmful, but if necessary, she can drive carefully on the road with protecting herself from jerks. Be careful at this time, because she can get hurt in her stomach by using brake or puncture of tyre suddenly.

Falling down and injury during pregnancy-

          In the third trimester (last three months), falling down can be harmful for both mother and baby. If a pregnant falls down on her stomach, it is very harmful. Falling down on hips, hand, shoulder, is harmful for foetus. By getting hurt on the stomach or inserting any pointed objects in the stomach, amniotic fluid can blow out causing miscarriage or early birth. In such condition, a doctor should be consulted immediately.    

Swimming in pregnancy period-

        Swimming is very beneficial for health. A pregnant can swim in fresh water, because by swimming in dirty water, different types of scabs and itching are occurred on the skin. Jumping from height, tiredness by swimming in water for long time and swimming in cold water can be harmful for a pregnant.    

Burning inside the chest during pregnancy-

        Food eaten by a pregnant comes in the stomach in little quantity due to foetal pressure. Due to taking food in over quantity or as usual, food starts coming towards throat causing burning sensation inside the chest. Chest burning also starts due to acid produced by spicy and fatty food stuffs. Therefore, food should be taken many times in little quantity and a pregnant should walk too for the digestion of food. It is very necessary. 

Gas inside the stomach during pregnancy-

        Burning sensation starts in the chest due to hormonal effects and falling foetal pressure on intestines, because food passes through intestines slowly causing gas inside the stomach.  

Watery loose motions-

        By eating extra food, fruits or dry fruits, etc. during pregnancy period, loose motions are started. So, balanced diet should be always taken. Loose motions are also started by taking additional quantity of drugs for energy, iron or protein, etc. during watery loose motions, a pregnant should take curd.             

Vomiting during pregnancy period-

  • During pregnancy period, eaten food persists in the intestines for long time due to foetal pressure and hormonal changes. Since, food does not able to go forward, different complaints occur like- flatulence, gastric, weak digestion, secreting digestive juice, acidity, less absorption of nutritive elements from food, constipation, etc. it causes vomiting or heart related problems. It is a normal problem. Hard flavor can also make unwell. Taking fried or roasted eatables, tea, coffee is very harmful during pregnancy. Food should be taken in little quantity many times. Hot and sweet food stuffs should be taken less in quantity.      
  • Vomiting starts to eliminate with passes pregnancy period, because hormones quantity is less inside the body comparison to the beginning of pregnancy.   
  • By taking tea prepared with basil leaves without milk, lemon tea, any toffee, peppermint tablets, or a small cardamom, she feels better after vomiting.
  • In few women, vomiting takes place additionally and persists even after 12 weeks. Food does not able to digest properly due to additional vomiting. In this case, glucose should be used after dissolving in water or talk to a doctor for it. Acid comes in urine due to additional vomiting. This condition is called ketosis.  
  • Salivary mouth (coming extra saliva inside the mouth) during pregnancy-
  • By extra functioning of salivary glands, additional saliva start gathering inside the mouth. Sometimes it comes in as much quantity as starts coming out from the mouth and hanky is also wetted by cleaning it frequently. Well, there is no any particular reason for salivary mouth.


        In pregnancy period, the blood pressure of women is become low. Sometimes she also feels vertigo and unconsciousness. Few women are fallen down too after becoming unconscious. Unconsciousness occurs due to deficiency of blood inside the body. After falling down and becoming the head as low, the blood starts circulating to the brain and she becomes unconscious. Due to unconsciousness for long time or traveling too much, the blood also does not able to reach to the brain properly and she becomes unconscious.        

        Woman should sit down at the time of feeling vertigo and take long breath so that appropriate quantity of oxygen can be entered in her body. It also makes the blood pressure of woman normal.  


        When the skin of joints and sides of the body becomes red, this stage is called intertrigo. It is found mainly on the skin between breasts and thighs, between the stomach and legs, in the armpits, etc. this disease is occurred in women who have been suffering from profuse sweat or it is also occurred due to improper cleanliness. Thus, wear loose and dry clothes with keeping cleanliness and use powder too.  

Constipation during pregnancy-

        In the last months of pregnancy, women have more complaints of constipation due to foetal pressure on intestines. Addition to it muscles are also become loose. A type of hormones named relaxin is found in women, which helps in making the muscles flexible (loose) while giving birth to young ones. Due to it, food particles do not able to pass through intestines and she has suffered from constipation. Piles appear due to constipation.   

Profuse urination during pregnancy-

        The bladder does not able to hold extra urine in pregnancy period due to uterus pressure falling on it, so a pregnant has to go for urination again and again. It is treated only after delivery or liquid substances should be used in little volume.

Infections in a pregnancy through urethra-

  • In fair sexes, the mouth of urethra, vagina and anus are situated as closed to each other. If women are not careful about the cleanliness of these organs, different types of infections (diseases) can take place. The urinary tube of women is smaller than men by that crop of disease is entered to the bladder through urethra. This disease is called cystitis.            
  • In this disease, pain and burning starts while urination and the opening of urethra starts to become red and swell. Women’s urine comes with burning sensation and in yellow appearance or blood can also comes with urine. In pregnancy period, sometimes women do not able to wash their organs after excretion that later becomes the cause of infections or diseases. Therefore, the anus should be washed always from backwards instead of frontward. If your hand does not able to reach, do this activity carefully. Washing the anus with hot water and fomentation are also beneficial.        
  • A doctor should be consulted in this case. Drink enough water and water added soda (eating) in it. In this case, taking lassi of curd and fruits juice in diet is very beneficial. 

Blood pressure during pregnancy-

        During pregnancy period, the blood pressure of a woman is become high due to over weight, unquiet family environment, mental troubles and sleeplessness. High blood pressure during pregnancy period is very harmful for both the mother and unborn child. Due to it, many disorders are taken place like- improper foetal growth, foetal death and profuse bleeding at the time of delivery. In this condition, taking complete rest, keeping body weight as balanced, keep the mind cool and taking salt, fatty food stuffs, dry fruits, etc. in little quantity are very beneficial. In it, you should also talk to your doctor time-to-time.      

        During pregnancy, you should go for the checkups of body weight and blood pressure periodically so that precaution can be taken during treatment. Normally a pregnant should have her blood pressure as maximum 120 and minimum 70. When maximum blood pressure is become up to 140 and minimum up to 90, you should take treatment immediately otherwise it can be harmful. In this situation, few gynecology experts advice to the pregnant for delivery before time with the help of medicines, glucose or operation.   

Use of contact lens during pregnancy-

  • During pregnancy period, fluid (liquid materials) starts gathering inside the body additionally. Due to it, swelling is occurred on different body parts like- hands, legs, face, eyes, etc. therefore, contact lens are not able to set in the eyes properly due to this swelling. After delivery, when gathered fluid is decreased slowly, lens takes its space by itself and swelling is also eliminated.
  • Women should need to tell about her lens to a doctor before talking about any matter, because sometimes he checks your eyes too. 
  • Before operation for delivery too, the doctor should have knowledge that you wear contact lens. Lens should not be used during operation.