Gelsemium sampervinum



Gelsemium Sampervinum is considered as very useful drug for the patient of neuralgic diseases.

Useful in various symptoms:

Nose-related symptoms:

Gelsemium Sampervinum is an excellent remedy for curing cold with frequent sneezing, excessive sneezing in the morning and feeling of nose burning sensation. 

Eyes-related symptoms:

Gelsemium Sampervinum can be used in the cases of heaviness of the eyelids, weakness of eyesight (vision), seeming a thing as double and feeling discomfort in lifting eyelids. This medicine provides quick relief from the above symptoms.

Head-related symptoms:

Gelsemium Sampervinum should be used in the cases of intensive pain in the rear of the head, head pain due to accumulation of blood in the head, darkness in front of eyes caused by headache, neuralgic pain of the head, which starts from the neck and backbone and moves in the entire head and feeling of head heaviness. The patient also suffers from headache caused by smoking, doing mental work and sun-stroke. This medicine cures such headache and gets rid of pain.  

Heart-related symptoms:

The patient feels strange things in front of his eyes and does not talk to someone. The patient sits alone all the time and scares too. He feels upset caused by hearing any bad news. Giving Gelsemium Sampervinum to the suffered patient provides quick relief from the above symptoms.   

Symptoms related with loose motions:

 Gelsemium Sampervinum is an excellent remedy for curing loose motions caused by feeling of fear due to any reason, indefinite loose motions and loose motions caused by nervousness due to meet to anyone.  

Cold-related symptoms:

The child suffers from intense shivering caused by neuralgic diseases, but does not feel cold in the entire body. The patient feels as if someone should hold him to stop his shivering. The patient suffers from frequent urinate before feeling of cold and feels weakness during walk. These symptoms can be cured by taking Gelsemium Sampervinum.

Symptoms of men diseases:

Gelsemium Sampervinum should be used in the cases of sperm ejaculation without penis-excitement, penis-looseness, severe coldness of the penis, lack of enthusiasm (sexual excitement) due to masturbation (hand practice) and body looseness. This medicine provides quick relief from the above symptoms.   

Symptoms of women diseases:

Gelsemium Sampervinum is used for checking problems of delivery pain with griping, numbness of the hands and feet, hardness of the womb opening and intensive excitement due to hysteria.


These symptoms are aggravated by thinking about diseases, smoking, hearing bad news, excitement, thundering of clouds, in moisture weather and shining of sky light.


The patient gets relief by living quietly and after urination. 


Gelsemium Sampervinum can be compared with drugs like- Baptisia, Ipecacuanha, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Arjana, etc.