Gaultheria is an excellent remedy for providing relief from back pain, burning sensation during arthritis, sciatica pain and several types of neuralgic pain. Besides them, this medicine is also used for curing burning sensation of the kidneys, ureter swelling, inflammation of the prostate glands and glory of sexual excitement

Useful in various symptoms:

Stomach-related symptoms:

Gaultheria should be used in the cases of intensive pain with swelling of the digestion system, chronic vomiting and feeling of empty stomach even after taking meals frequently. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms.

Head-related symptoms:

Giving Gaultheria to the patient gets rid of nerves pain of the head and face.  

Skin-related symptoms:

Gaultheria is an excellent remedy for curing problems of severe burning sensation of the skin, black skin and aggravation of skin diseases by bathing with cold water


Gaultheria can be compared with Spiria and Salisic acid.


Lower potency or mother tincture of Gaultheria should be given to the patient according to the symptoms of diseases.