Garbha Asana


Technique of this asana:

         First, spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and sit upon it for the practice of this asana. First, spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and sit upon it for the practice of this asana. Now bend your right leg from the knee and put on the left thigh and put your left leg on the right thigh by bending from the knee and sit in padma asana position. After that, trap the hands between the thighs and calves and bring out to the elbows. Thereafter, bend your both elbows and raise both the knees up and make the balance of body and hold ear with your both hands. Total weight of the body should be kept on the hips. Stay in this position for 1-5 minutes and return in normal position.


          This asana appears difficult in the beginning but this asana becomes easy after its regular practice for some days. Do the practice of Garbha Asana after the proper practice of Kukkuta Asana. This asana becomes very beneficial.


The practice of this asana massages all the parts of the body. It makes the bones of spinal cord strong and flexible. This asana ends the disorders of all the veins and nerves. It helps in ending spasm of muscles and it increases the power of digestive system. The liver and spleen work properly. This asana makes the body light and blood circulate properly. It increases the appetite and ends the weakness of the nervous system. Jaundice is also cured by the practice of this asana.

          This asana is also very useful for women. All disorders of the uterus disappear by this asana. If girls below fourteen years old do the practice of this asana, they do not become the victim of any problem related to uterus. If a woman starts the practice of this asana after 40 days of delivery, weakness of her body ends within 3 months and she gets her previous glow of the face. The person (male and female) remains youth for long time by the doing practice of this asana.