Gambogia-garsonea morella




Gambogia-garsonea morella acts better on the digestive systems. Besides it, this medicine is used for curing cholera and loose motions.  

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Gambogia-garsonea morella is an excellent remedy for curing problems of eyes itching, burning sensation of the eyes, frequent sneezing, sticky eyelids and feeling of head heaviness and giddiness

Stomach-related symptoms:

Gambogia-garsonea morella should be used in the cases of excessive stimulation of the stomach, burning sensation in the throat and tongue, stomachache after taking meal, stomach gripping, burning sensation of the anus, stomach pain and stomach bloating (flatulence) after flushing due to gas trouble, diluet loose motions in the summers with intensive pain in upper portion of anus, pain in below portion of back and feeling of cold on the teeth sides. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms. 


These symptoms are aggravated in the evening and at night. 

Amelioration (mitigation):

The patient gets relief by walking in the open air.


Gambogia-garsonea morella can be compared with drugs like- Croton, Aloes, Podophyllum, etc.


The patient can take 3x to 30 potency of Gambogia-garsonea morella.