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[ G ] Related Medicines:

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Gardenia Turgida

Great Mullein

To come out anus and pain caused by piles: Boil gallnuts with one glass of water for ten minutes and after that wash the anus with this water; it ends piles pain and checks coming out anus.Name in Different Languages:

Hindi            :        Majufal

English        :        Gallnut

Latin            :        Quercus Infactoria

Useful for Different Diseases:

1. To come out anus and pain caused by piles: Boil gallnuts with one glass of water for ten minutes and after that wash the anus with this water; it ends piles pain and checks coming out anus.

2. Testicles Diseases: Grind twelve grams gallnuts and six grams alum with water. After that, apply it regularly for fifteen days, it removes choked water in testicles.

3.Testicles Swelling: Grind 10 grams gallnuts and 10 grams winter cherry with water. Warm this preparation and tie on the testicles, it ends swelling.


  • Roast one gallnut and one betel-nut. Mix one raw gallnut in prepared mixture and prepare tooth-powder. Brushing with it twice a day ends toothache.
  • Grind gallnut, turmeric and puffed alum together and make tooth-powder. Brushing with it ends all type toothaches.
  • If anyone has been suffering from fast toothache, grind gallnut and put it under the teeth and press it. It provides relief early and checks teeth bleeding.

5.Eyes Itching: Grind gallnuts and small myrabalan chebulie together and prepare the mixture and apply in the eyes, it ends eyes itching.

6.Gums Disease: Grind gallnuts then filter and make the fine powder and rub with this powder on the gums twice a day cures all type diseases.

7.Teeth Diseases: If anyone has been suffering from teeth bleeding, make tooth-powder of gallnuts. Brushing with it prevents teeth-bleeding.

8.To make teeth strong: Grind five grams gallnut, four grams toasted alum, six grams white catechu and one gram toasted blue vitriol together and prepare tooth-powder. Brushing with it makes teeth strong.

9.Teeth Coolness: Grind gallnut and prepare fine tooth-powder. Brushing with it prevents water feeling in teeth and teeth bleeding. It also makes teeth strong.


  • Grind twenty grams gallnut, one gram potassium permgrate and thirty grams five type salts together and prepare fine tooth-powder. One should brush with this powder to cure pyorrhoea.
  • Brushing with gallnut’s powder cures mouth and gums wounds and prevents gums bleeding. It provides relief in pyorrhoea.

11.Prolapsus Ani:

  • Grind two grams toasted alum and two gallnuts together then mix 100 ml water in it to make the syrup. Immerse a cotton piece in this water and apply it on the anus afterwards tie tightly a cloth on the same part. Using this experiment regular for 4-5 days cures the disease.
  • Make the fine powder after grinding gallnut and alum together. Sprinkling it on the anus cures the disease.
  • Boil two ground gallnuts with one glass of water then make cold. Washing anus with this water cures prolapsus ani.
  • Immerse gallnut, alum and powder of Triphala each 10 grams in water for 1-2 hours. Filter this water and wash the anus with this water. It cures the disease of prolapsus ani.

12.Conception: One should take 10 grams filtered powder of gallnuts with cow’s milk twice a day regularly for three day after finishing of menstrual excretion. It will helpful for conception.

13. Mouth Blisters:

  • Chew pieces of gallnuts like betel-nut; it cures mouth blisters.
  • Grind gallnut, catechu, bamboo manna (vanshlochan) and small cardamom each 5 grams and now filter it and prepare the fine powder. Give one pinch of this powder to the child twice a day, it cures mouth blisters.

14.Mouth Diseases: Grind ten grams gallnut, ten grams alum and ten grams catechu together and now filter and make the fine powder. Spraying this powder in the mouth 2-3 times in a day is useful to get relief in mouth diseases.

15.Loose-motions: Take 3 to 6 grams fine powder of gallnuts as a dose twice a day, it provides relief in loose-motions.


  • Mix five grams fine powder of gallnuts with fifty grams wine. After that, drip 2-2 drops in the ear twice a day, it checks otorrhoea.
  • One should boil ground gallnuts with vinegar after that filter and drip in the ear.


  • Grind burnt gallnuts and prepare fine ash. Spraying it on the wounds recovers them.
  • Grind gallnuts with water and prepare the paste and apply it on the affected part afterwards tie a bandage on the same part or spray fine powder on the wounds. It cures the wounds and also stops bleeding early.

18.White Leucorrhoea: Take 1-2 grams powder of gallnuts with fresh water twice a day; it prevents bleeding of white leucorrhoea.

19.Blood Leucorrhoea: Boil 25 grams gallnuts with 200 ml water and make the decoction. Mix this decoction with 3 grams hujuj (Rasot) and 3 grams alum. Washing vagina with this preparation is useful to get relief in blood leucorrhoea.

20.Nose-bleeding: Smelling fine powder of gallnuts prevents nose-bleeding.

21.Vagina Diseases: Mix ten grams ground gallnut with half gram camphor powder and honey. Apply it on the vagina, it makes the vagina loose.

22.Vagina Pain: Grind gallnuts with water and immerse a cotton piece. Keeping it in the vagina before sex does not feel pain at the sex time. Keep attention, it is also used as contraceptive.

23.Vagina Contraction:

  • Mix gallnut, honey and camphor together. One should apply this preparation on the vagina by fingers, it constricts the vagina.
  • Grind gallnut, flowers of downy grislea (dhay) and alum together and make tablets in shape of plum. Keeping it in the vagina makes small size.

24.To make lips thin: Grind gallnuts with milk or water at night and apply it on the lips regularly for one week, it makes the lips thin.