Gallicum acidum




Giving Gallicum Acidum to the T.B. patient cures his disease soon. Gallicum Acidum is an excellent remedy in the cases of toxic secretion, skin-itching and diabetes. It also makes the stomach strong and enhances appetite.

Useful in various symptoms:

Heart related symptoms:-

Gallicum Acidum is the great remedy in the cases of thick discharge from the nose, burning sensation in the eyes caused by light, inflammation of the eyelids, intensive pain of the neck and severe pain in the rear of the head.

Mind-related symptoms:

The patient who is suffering from violent screaming at the night, excessive angry, wetting the entire body with sweat, insolence talk to everyone, feeling of fear by living alone, etc. should take Gallicum Acidum. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms.

Symptoms related with breathing:-

Gallicum Acidum should be used in the cases of bleeding from the lungs, lungs pain, excessive phlegm, throat dryness at night and feeling of excessive phlegm as if it is blocked in the throat. This medicine prevents bleeding and brings chocked phlegm out. 

Urinary symptoms:

Gallicum Acidum is used in the cases of intensive pain of the kidneys, pain from the ureter to inside the urinary bladder, slight pain in the urinary bladder and cream colour phlegm on the pubis.

Symptoms of the rectum:

Gallicum Acidum is an excellent remedy for checking problems of excessive motions, unconsciousness after excretion and discharge of chronic mucous secretion and feeling of anus contraction.


Gallicum Acidum can be compared with drugs like- Phosphorus, Arse, Iodum, etc.


Giving the trituration of 1st potency of Gallicum Acidum to the patient according to symptoms provides quick relief.