Gall stone or biliary calculus



When biliary juice (bile) produced by improper diet, becomes hard like stone after solidifying in the gall bladder or in the biliary tube, it is called gall stone. It can be small, normal (medium) and big (large) and black, green or dusty in appearance. Pain that occurs due to gall stone is called biliary pain.


In the condition of gall stone, light or violent pain keeps on paining in the stomach. The patient does feels any problems except slight pain in the stomach occasionally until stone presents in the gall bladder. When this stone is reached in the biliary tube after coming out from the gall bladder, slight pain starts. After that, sometimes slight pain takes place and sometimes it becomes violent that causes troubles for the patient. In the case of biliary pain, it starts from right cavity and moved its surroundings especially to the right shoulder and back. Due to such pain, symptoms like- vomiting, feeling cold, sweating, weakness, jaundice, difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, etc. appear in the patient. When biliary pain starts, sometimes it is cured after few hours, but sometimes it persists for several weeks and cured by itself after coming this stone in the intestine. After coming stone in the intestine, it comes out with stools in small particles.

Biliary pain-

In the case of biliary pain, hot fomentation on the affected part or applying hot olive oil on it provides some relief.

Pain of the urinary stone:-

This type of pain starts from urinary tube and is moved to the testicles. The patient has desire for frequent urination and blood also comes with urine. Jaundice occurs in the patient suffered from urinary stone. 

Use of different drugs:-

1. Carduous-merianus- Pain starts in the liver too with biliary pain especially in the left part of the liver; 5-10 drops of the mother tincture of Carduous-merianus should be taken at an interval of every 3-3 hours.

2. Dayoscorea- If biliary pain starts from gall bladder and is moved its surroundings and the sufferer gets some relief from pain by bending or walking, 30 potency of this drug or its mother tincture should be used to remove such pain. If pain is cured by bowing, using Colocynth is appropriate.

3. Calce-carb or berberis- To remove biliary pain, taking Calce-carb 30 to 200 is very useful. This drug should be taken at an interval of every 15-15 minutes for 3 hours. After 3 hours, if the patient does get relief from pain, the mother tincture of Berberis should be taken at an interval of every 20-20 minutes.  

4. Arnica- Arnica 3x or 6 can be used in the condition of any type of symptom. After ameliorating pain, China should be taken.

5. Cholostrine- If the patient who has been suffering from gall stone and has violent pain, the trituration of Cholostrine 2x or 3 should be given. It provides relief from pain soon.

6. Olive oil- In the case of gall stone, olive oil should be taken for 2-3 days. Lemon juice should be given to the patient just after taking olive oil. After 3-4 minutes, olive oil should be given again and then lemon juice after it. Vomiting does not take place after this activity. In this way, drinking olive oil helps to melt stone within 2-3 days.

Different drugs for removing biliary pain:-

Drugs like- the mother tincture of Chiyonathus and Hydrastis should be taken as 1-10 drops in volume. Chelidonium 2x, Jelsimium 1x, Belladonna 3x, Arsenic 3x to 30, Dizitelis 30, Larosiresus 3, Phagnasia-phos 3x, etc. should be used in this disease with hot water.

To remove biliary pain, Cholosterinum 2 is also used. The higher potency of this drug can be also used. Using the trituration of Cholosterinum 3x to 3 is very useful.

In the case of gall stone, Aconite, Nux-vomica, Merc, China, Phospho, etc. can be used with other drugs. Among these drugs, China, Aconite and Merc can be used in gall stone formed due to malaria.

Abstinence (avoidance) with the treatment by different drugs:-

  • In the condition of gall stone, the sufferer should take light and easily digestible food stuffs.
  • Bread should be taken with sugar after roasting it on flame and then immersing it very hot water.
  • The patient should take roasted apple, should be drunken cold water with full desire and walk in an open air daily.
  • In the condition of restlessness with pain, lukewarm water should be given to the patient; pour lukewarm water on the intestinal organs after making him to sit in a tub filled with lukewarm water and hot poultice should be tied on the womb. It provides relief from pain.  
  • In this disease, the patient should take proper diet and does his work with proper planning.
  • The patient should works physically, walk in fresh air and drink enough water. In this way, stones are disappeared completely by follow rules and taking drugs. Drinking warm fall water is very useful for the patient.

Treatment with different drugs to prevent forming gall stone again:-

China- Its mother tincture should be used to cure gall stone and China 6x or its 6 tablets should be taken twice daily to prevent stone to form again. In this way, after using China for 10 days, give gap for a day and its tablets should be taken in the next day. In this way, take this drug for 20 days. After that, take this drug at an interval of every 3-3 days and then at an interval of every 4-4 days and again at an interval of every 5-5 days. In this way, increase your intervals period until it become the intervals of 1-1 months. Take this drug 10 times at an interval of every 1-1 months. By taking this drug, the process of forming stone in the gall bladder is stopped and never forms again.


The patient has been suffering from gall stone should never take additional sugar, fat, things contain lime and vetsar. In addition to it, taking meat, fish, oily food stuffs, soda water, etc. are also very harmful for the patient.