Fungal infection



This type of disease occurs in those parts of the body which are very hot. Mostly, it occurs in the stomach, vagina, claws of the legs, armpit or hip etc. This disease occurs due to fungal infection in which multicellular fibers are present which is divided into different layers. This disease spreads from one person to another by touching.  


In this disease, burning sensation occurs in the affected part with itching sensation. White wounds are erupted on the tongue, inside the ears and between the knees.

Protection from disease:-

In this disease, the patient must take bathe minimum once in a day and the affected part should be washed properly. Do not allow the legs and the ears wet, because there is a possibility to spread the disease. To dry this part, should not rub it, but should be clean slowly with a soft towel. Wash the clothes related to the patient separately. Do not keep his clothes with other clothes. The patient should wear cotton clothes and socks so that sweat goes on drying. Use such types of shoes which allow air to the claws and heels of the legs. Do not use ‘Steroid lotion’ or not take tablets of it, because it can aggravate the symptoms of disease.