Fuligo ligni




Fuligo Ligni is used to cure various diseases. This medicine is very beneficial to cure skin diseases, throat problems, female diseases, uterus diseases etc. This medicine cures cancer of different body parts. This medicine is also used to cure the problem of glandular system and mucous membranes

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different body parts:

Symptoms of the skin:

This medicine should be prescribed to cure skin problem as chronic wounds of the skin, ringworms, etc.

Symptoms of the mouth:

This medicine should be used in the problem of stimulation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. 

Symptoms of female:

This medicine should be used in symptoms as vaginal itching, bleeding from the uterus, etc.

Symptoms related with cancer:

This medicine is used to cure different types of cancer, but it is very affective to cure testicles cancer and cancer caused by poisonous smoke. This medicine is very beneficial to cure problems as epithelial cancer, blood leucorerha with uterus cancer, etc.


This drug can be compared with Creosote.


6 potency of this drug can be used to cure diseases.