Fucus vesiculosus




Fucus Vesiculosus is used to cure several diseases, but this drug is especially used to cure constipation, obesity, eyes diseases, etc.

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different body parts:

Symptoms of the head:

If the patient feels as if his head is being pressed by iron ring with headache, this drug provides relief in such pain.

Symptoms of the throat:

This medicine should be used in the formation of pus in throat tumor. This medicine cures the tumor.

This medicine checks the digestive systems and cures symptom as flatulence.

Symptoms related with stools:

This medicine is very beneficial to cure all types of acute or chronic constipation.

Symptoms of obesity:

This medicine reduces extra (additional) fat from the body and stomach and cures obesity.


This drug can be compared with drugs like- Phytolacca, Thyrodinum, Badiaga, Iodum, etc.


5 to 6 drops the mother tincture of this drug should be taken every day before meal. 3 to 30 potency of this drug can be also used if necessary.