Freageriya viskaa



Freageriya Viskaa is used to cure various diseases. Use of this medicine depends on the individual symptoms of the patient so that this medicine acts very positively and cures diseases. This medicine should be prescribed if the patient has problem caused by taking additional strawberry. This drug is beneficial in symptoms as chronic diseases, restart secretion of chronic gonorrhea and suppuration of its apex and the inflammation of the tongue.   

Symptoms of this drug:

This drug dries breasts milk and contracts the breasts, so the woman who doesn’t want to suckle her baby and want to keep maintain her figure can take this medicine.

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different body parts:

Symptoms of the mouth:

This medicine should be taken in symptoms as stomatitis and the tongue has become red with swelling. External use of this medicine is very beneficial in mouth blisters.  

Symptoms of the Face:

This medicine should be prescribed in symptoms as facial redness, tongue swelling, stomachache, vomiting and feeling relief from pain after vomiting.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

This medicine should be used in symptoms as swelling of the entire body, unconsciousness, looseness of the body, tiredness, etc. 

Symptoms of the skin:

This medicine should be used in skin diseases, which makes dark lines on the skin, and skin allergy.

Symptoms related with fever:

This medicine should be used to cure the problem of profuse sweating, fever, etc.


Mother tincture in 5 to 10 drops of this drug should be taken with water twice a day, it provides quick relief. In the condition of disease aggravation, 6, 30 or 200 potencies of this drug can be used.