Fragaria is used to cure various diseases, but this medicine especially acts on the digestive systems and intestinal glands and palliates symptoms related to it. This medicine dissolves stone and throws it out. It also cleans dirt on the teeth.  It protects from heat. This medicine is used in susceptible individual’s miasmatic symptoms caused by having excess strawberry, and pimples. In this condition, high potency of Fragaria can be also given to the patient.  

Fragaria cures symptoms as cracked heels, milk deficiency in the breasts, hair falling and sprue etc.

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different parts of the body:

Symptoms of the Mouth:

Fragaria should be prescribed in tongue inflammation.

Symptoms of the Skin:

Fragaria cures skin problems as hypersensitive skin, cyanosis of the skin, granular pimples, pox like pimples, swelling of the whole body, etc.


Fragaria is compared with Apis and Calcarea.


3 potency of Fragaria is used to cure different symptoms.