Formica rufa (myrmexine)




Formica Rufa is used to cure symptoms of different diseases, but especially used to cure swelling of the joints. Rheumatic pain (joints pain) aggravates by movement and ameliorates by pressing the affected parts.  This medicine is very beneficial in the attack of rheumatism on the back side especially in the right side and chronic rheumatism and stiffness in the joints. When the patient of rheumatism has problem of chickenpox and converts in neuralgic pain, this medicine should be used. It provides quick relief. This medicine is beneficial in diseases or problems as Tuberculosis, carcinoma and lupus (skin disease), kidney swelling, diseases occurring after lifting heavy weight and blood poisoning.       

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different parts of the body:-

Symptoms of the head:

This medicine provides relief in symptoms as giddiness, feeling sizzling inside the left ear with headache, feeling the brain as heavy and large, feeling as if bubbles are bursting inside the head, poor memory especially in the evening, very joyful modality, feeling choked nose with catarrhal secretion, rheumatic iritis, nasal polypi, etc.     

Symptoms related to the ear:

This medicine should be used in symptoms as tintinnabulation and humming sound in the ear, feels sizzling sound in the left ear with headache, swelling near the ear, polypi, etc.

Symptoms related to the respiratory systems:

If the patient has symptoms as throat irritation and dryness, intensive throat pain, frequent cough at night, pain with hardness of the head, chest contraction, pleuritic pains, etc., Formic Rufa should be used to cure such symptoms.

Symptoms of the stomach:

This medicine should be used in the symptoms as feeling pressure and burning sensation with pain in the upper portion of the stomach where heart ends, headache with retching, yellow phlegmatic vomiting, stomach pain that moves towards the skull and gas troubles.

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body:

In symptoms as rheumatic pain, contraction and stiffness in the joints, muscles tiredness, weakness in the lower parts of the body, partial paralysis attacks, pain in the hips, restlessness with sudden rheumatic pain and getting relief by sweating, after mid-night, by rubbing, etc., giving Formic Rufa provides relief in such symptoms.

Symptoms related with stools:

If the patient feels troubles in releasing gas in the morning and feels as if loose motions have to come, shivering due to feeling cold with intestinal pain before excretion, contraction of the anus and feeling strain around the navel before excretion.

Urinary symptoms:

Use of this medicine cures urinary problems as blood with urine, semen with urine, repletion of urine, fine particle with urine, etc. 

Symptoms of the male:

Use of this medicine enhances and cures such symptoms as semen emission, weakness, undesired of having sex.

Symptoms of the skin:

This medicine should be used if the patient has symptoms as inflammation and itching sensation of the skin with redness of it, nettle rash, nodes around the joints, profuse sweating, etc. 


The symptoms of diseases aggravate by cold water, living at cold place and due to snowy storms.


The symptoms of diseases are ameliorated by using hot things, living at warm place, by pressure, combing and rubbing.  


This medicine can be compared with Formic Acid.


3 to 4 potencies of this medicine can be used by injection for curing symptoms as chronic pain of the muscles, muscles pain, abruptly rheumatic pain that mostly occurs in the right side and aggravates by movement and ameliorates by pressing. Besides them, weak vision, tiredness of the muscles, tiredness of the body, pain due to walking as ignorant, excess urination, body shivering, T.B, swelling of the lungs, cancer, lupus (T.B. of the skin), etc.

28 to 56 milliliters tincture of Formic acid can be used in sphit shira, polypi, catarrh, etc. in this tincture, one part of acid and 11 parts of ashrut water is used. Mix a small spoon of this tincture with a big spoon of water and should be taken twice day.

 In symptoms as pain in the head, neck, shoulders, muscles, etc., drugs like- Rhus-toxicodendron, Dulcamara, Aritca and Zuniperus are used, because these medicines have Formic acid.

Formic acid acts better on rheumatic diseases. This medicine cures muscles problems as muscles swelling, soft and flabby swelling of the bones, strain of the pituitary, skin diseases, chronic eczema, psoriasis, hairs falling and chronic swelling of the kidney. In theses symptoms, injection of one 12x or 30x bottle of Formic acid can be injected at intervals of 2 or 4 weeks. This medicine shows symptoms after 8 or 10 days of injection and then cures them.   

Formic acid 6x should be given after every six days in symptoms as rheumatic fever, joints swelling that is related to gonorrhea, but in the problem of aggravation disease, 12x potency should be injected. It provides quick relief.

Using Formic acid is beneficial in joints swelling of the rheumatic patient and in rheumatic fever, but besides them, incessant neuralgic pain and chronic diseases is compulsory. In this condition, Formic acid 6x is more beneficial instead of 12x or 30x.  

After using this disease, first of all, body stiffness removes and after that, pain and then swelling removes and in the last, disease is cured completely within 1 to 6 months.

Formic acid is used in chronic swelling of the joints and in such condition when irreversible reaction is already spread in the joints. In this condition, pathological aggravation can be prevented by using Formic acid. But in this condition, there is possibility of bones recuperating.