Formalin is very powerful and helpful in preventing infectious diseases and removing offensive smell. This medicine acts on the body rapidly like poison cures diseases. Formalin prevents the breeding of bacteria that cause disease and also destroy (kill) them. Using this medicine prevents destructive reaction in the pimples and is left unchanged tissues.

Immersing a piece of cotton in 20 grams formaldehyde solution and apply it on affected parts, it causes necrotic sloygh. Wound coat should be removed before applying cotton again. Otherwise, the coat gets dried up and hard.

Inhaling (taking breath) solution prepared by adding Formalin in hot water cures the problems of cough, tuberculosis and catarrh.

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different body parts:

Mental symptoms:

If the patient has symptoms like- habituated of forgetfulness or poor memory, depression, unconsciousness, etc., giving Formalin is beneficial.

Symptoms of the head:

Formalin should be given in symptoms as giddiness, watery secretion from the eyes, nose blowing, etc.

Symptoms of the Mouth:

Formalin should be used in symptoms as coming additional saliva from the mouth, thick salivation, bad taste of the mouth, etc.

Symptoms related to the respiratory systems: 

Formalin is beneficial in symptoms as asphyxia (trouble in breathing), hoarseness and whooping cough.  

Symptoms of the stomach:

Formalin should be taken in symptoms as feeling heaviness in the stomach after taking meal, burning sensation in the stomach and mouth.

Symptoms related to Fever:

Fever in which patient starts feeling cold from noon and then fever stays for a long time, pain in the bones with fever, unconsciousness during fever, etc., Formalin should be given to the sufferer in such symptoms.

Symptoms related to stools:

Formalin should be used in symptoms as desiring for excretion and watery loose motions.

Urinary symptoms:

In the cases of retention of urine and coming food particles with urine, etc., taking Formalin removes such symptoms with other diseases too.  

Symptoms related with the skin:

Formalin makes the skin soft and cures skin problems as cracked skin, facial wrinkles, scabs on the skin, eczema near wounds, cold sweating and profuse sweating at the right side of the body.


Formalin is compared with drugs like- Ammonium, Formaldehyde, Eurotropin, etc.

Anti miasmatic medicines:

Ammonium is used to prevent the side effects of Formalin.


In respiratory diseases, inhaling vapour of the solution of Formalin and hot water cures diseases. For sprinkling on the affected part, 1 percent or 3x of this medicine can be used.