Fluoricum acidum




Fluoricum Acidum is beneficial to cure especially those chronic diseases that are related to poison. This medicine acts mainly on the lower tissues and it is also used to cure bedsores, wound, varicose veins and flatulence by reaction rapidly. It is also beneficial in weakness with bloating of blood vessel due to diseases occurring in old age, hardness of the liver due to drinking wine (alcohol), goiter, looseness of the teeth, chronic-fever occurred on certain time at night.   

Use of Fluoricum Acidum in the symptoms of different body parts:

Mental symptoms:

Fluoricum Acidum cures mental symptoms as despairing about family, unable to understand his duty, work without thinking, careless, poor memory, work forgetting, live joyful, arrogance or selfish modality.

Symptoms of the head:

The use of Fluoricum Acidum medicine is beneficial in such symptoms as hair falling, baldness, pain in the joints of skull, cracked skin, feeling pressure in both side of the head, destroyed ossicles and bone of the ear root, otorrhoea that is aggravated by heat, exostosis.  

Symptoms related to the eyes:

Fluoricum Acidum should be used in symptoms as feeling as if air is blowing across the eyes, wounds in the veins that secrete tears and eyes itching.   

Symptoms of the nose:

Fluoricum Acidum should be used in such symptoms as chronic catarrh, wounds in the nose, blocked nose with slight headache. Besides them, this medicine is beneficial in wounds of the eyes, nose and teeth.

Symptoms of the ear:

Fluoricum Acidum should be used in the symptoms as deafness, poor hearing power and hearing properly by turning backwards.

Symptoms of the Mouth:

Fluoricum Acidum should be used in the teeth and the upper jaw bones, gums wounds, gums bleeding, salty secretion from the mouth, inflammation in the throat and feels teeth warmness.

Symptoms of the Stomach:

Fluoricum Acidum cures stomach related symptoms as feeling heaviness and pressure inside the stomach, feeling warmness inside the stomach before taking meal, sour belching, irritation from coffee, desire to take spicy food, get relief in the stomach symptoms by wearing tight clothes, desire for cold water, excess appetite and loose motions caused by taking hot drinks.

Symptoms of the stomach:

Fluoricum Acidum is beneficial in the symptoms as liver pain, gas trouble and belching.

Symptoms of the respiratory symptoms:

Fluoricum Acidum is used in the symptoms as suffocation, trouble in breathing, asphyxia and lungs dropsy (water in the lungs). 

Symptoms of the liver:

Fluoricum Acidum is beneficial in T.B. caused by liver hardness and swelling.

Symptoms of the skin:

Fluoricum Acidum should be used in the symptoms as moles on the skin, wounds and blisters having red edges, marks on the body due to lying on the bed and aggravated due to hotness, syphilitic rupia, wounds itching, feeling of warm vapour emission from the skin pores, skin itching and spots which aggravate by heat, quickly nail growing, periostial absess, sour and offensive sweating, sperm diseases, marks on the body since childhood, cells wounds, water in the body parts of old age and weak person,  looseness of the cells and veins structure, tissue bloating, wounds having red edges, wounds pain aggravate by heat and ameliorate by cold, intensive pain in the wounds.

Symptoms of the stools:

This medicine cures the problems of bile coming with stools and undesired for taking coffee, etc. 

Symptoms of the male:

Taking Fluoricum Acidum is beneficial in male symptoms as inflammation of the ureter, undesired for sexual intercourse, excitement at night, testicle-swelling and offensive sweating near the penis.

Symptoms related with urine:

In the symptoms as scanty urination, dark urination, frequent urination, urination unknowingly, feeling relief after urination, headache having burning sensation that is ameliorated after urination, etc., taking Fluoricum Acidum is very beneficial.    

Symptoms of female diseases:

Female symptoms like- profuse menstrual secretion and persisting for a long time, wounds on the uterus membrane and uterus vent, fast leucorrheal secretion like acid that scratches the skin, sexual excitement, etc., using this drug is very effective to cure such symptoms.   

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

Fluoricum Acidum should be used in symptoms as burning sensation in the finger joints, sweating on the hands and legs, intensive pain in lower portion of the nostril, nails dryness, bones decay, T.B, semen related diseases, problems after taking additional mercury. Besides them, this medicine is beneficial to cure coccxygodynia and wound on the tibia.


Symptoms are aggravated by heat, in the morning and taking hot drinks.


Symptoms are ameliorated by taking cold things and walking.


Fluoricum Acidum can be compared with drugs like- Thiosinaminum, Calce-fluorica, Silicea, etc.

Complimentary medicines:

Fluoricum Acidum and Silicea are complimentary to each other.


6 to 30 potency of Fluoricum Acidum can be used to cure diseases.


In few particular cases, giving Fluoricum Acidum is beneficial after other medicines like-

In the case of diabetes, using Fluoricum Acidum after Acid-Phosphorus provides relief soon.        

Using Fluoricum Acidum after Silicea and Symphytum is more beneficial in bone diseases.

Taking Fluoricum Acidum after Spongia provides quick relief in goiter.

Fluoricum Acidum is used in the case of forming pus and to remove side affects of Silicea.