Taking juice during illness, patient recovers health soon. Juice extracted of raw fruits or vegetables can be taken.Introduction:

         Juices whether it is extracted of fruits or vegetables both are useful. Juice ends mental or physical weakness and a person becomes healthy. Taking juice during illness, patient recovers health soon. Juice extracted of raw fruits or vegetables can be taken. Juice of vegetables cooked by steam is very useful for weak patients. There are life nutritious elements in juices which dissolve in the blood easily. There is no pressure upon the digestive organs by taking juice.

         According to vindicators of juice our body purifies only by juice. These are digestible due to excessive quantity of water. Juices are also useful for kidney.

        Some people are against the juice. They think that juice has few nutritious elements and stomach bulges out by taking it. Either its nutritious elements become less or destroyed due to oxygenizing in the juice. Some people think that excessive use of it makes hydrochloric acid which is harmful to the patients of liver diseases. It is not fact. Patients of intestines wound can take fruit juice.

         Such patient can drink fruits juice also. Hydrochloric acid is generated if there is excessive quantity of protein in meal. Patients both intestine and wound should give up eggs and pulses. There is a lot of quantity of minerals in juices. Minerals in great quantity are found in juice of fresh vegetables. Taking juice during fast is very useful. During fast rubbish material burns and try to come outside. By taking juice process of cleansing can be enhanced. Uric acid comes out from the body. Sugar contained in juices strengthens the heart.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Reducing fatness: Taking fruit juice about 6-8 months is very useful to reduce fatness. There is no side effect of juices. Fruit’s juice reduces calorie in the body because of which obesity reduces itself naturally. To reduce weight and fatness, a person should have fast once a week and during fast he should take juices only. Fast with juice reduces fatness. Juices extracted of carrot, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, melon and onion are very useful.

2. Dysmenorrhoea: Taking Juice of papaya, pineapple, carrot and grapes mixed with green vegetables provides a lot of relief during dysmenorrhoea. Juice extracted of radish soft leaves is also very useful in this disease.

3. Stomach Worms: Stomach worms are destroyed by taking onion and garlic juice with lukewarm water.

4. Constipation: Apple, guava, orange, spinach and carrot juice is useful to break constipation. Juice of fig, beel, Indian gooseberry and spogel seed is also useful for the treatment of constipation.   

5. Vomiting: There is no vomiting if the patient takes mixed juice of lemon, orange, tomato, pine apple and pomegranate.

6. Dyspepsia: Taking lemon’s juice with lukewarm water stale mouth provides relief in dyspepsia. Ginger’s juice is also useful in dyspepsia.

7. Insomnia: Mix guava, potato, spinach, carrot and apple juice together. Drinking this mixed juice is very useful for the treatment of insomnia. The patient takes sound sleep after its use.

8. Stone: Taking juice of cucumber (kakri), coconut, carrot and green vegetable breaks stone and throws them out.

9. Rheumatism or joints pain: Taking cucumber (khira), garlic, banana or tomato juice is very useful for the treatment of rheumatism or joints pain.

10. Asthma: Mix honey with the juices of fig, bael, grapes, phyllanthus embelica, garlic, orange, mint, ginger, coconut, spinach and drumstick. Its use provides relief in asthma.

11. Diabetes: Taking black-berry, tomato, grapes, phyllanthus embelica and salad leaves juice cures diabetes.

12. Acidity: Mix honey with the juices of grapes, coconut and potato juice together. Its use provides relief in acidity.

13. High blood pressure: Taking juice of lemon, garlic and apple is very useful in high blood pressure. High blood pressure is controlled by taking juice.

14. How take juice: In the winter season, juice of all fruits and vegetables is useful. In the summer season, there is a lack of vegetables but take juice of the vegetables that you have.  Lack of juice can be replaced by taking filter water of wet and boiled kidney bean. A patient gets free from diseases and gets good health by taking juice.

15. Purifying blood: A person falls ill if acidity increases in the blood. Fruits and vegetables increase alkali. Greasy things like sugar and oil increase acidity. Taking good amount of fruits and vegetables in meal enhances life and old age remains far. Fruit juice purifies the blood. Taking fruits juice is very useful for the growth of hair.

16. Paralysis: Mix grapes, peach or apple juice each in equal quantity. A patient of paralysis should take this mixture. By taking it paralysis is cured. This mixture should be given to the patient for some months continuously.

17. Cucumber’s juice: Rheumatism can be cured by taking cucumber (khira) and carrot’s juice. If uric acid increases in the blood, the patient suffers from rheumatism pain. Cucumber’s juice throws out uric acid from the body. Cucumber has potassium also which is useful for the patients of low blood pressure. Its juice strengthens tooth or gums. Some girls desire to enhance beauty by increasing their nails but their nails break constantly. Such girls should take cucumber’s juice. Mix 100 ml cucumber’s juice with the juice of green grass to remove white flex of skin. A patient should take it on stale mouth daily. If hair is falling, take carrot and cucumber’s juice. Hair increases by taking its juice.

18. Woman diseases: Women remain far from diseases if they take Carrot’s and beet’s juice. Beet cures liver. If it does not suit in the beginning, take it only 75 ml. Carrot’s juice should be more than beet. Beet clears stomach also. Woman’s menstrual excretion problems are also cured by its use. Beet’s 80 ml. juice can be taken twice a day by a woman. There is no big amount of iron in beet.

19. Boils-pimples: Mix 300 ml carrot and 112 ml spinach juice. It cures boils-pimples, cancer, bronchitis, cataract, coryza, constipation, eye diseases, piles, hernia, flu,   liver diseases, jaundice, heart’s pain and vatta diseases. 

20. Offensive mouth smell: Mix well 250 ml carrot juice, 150 ml spinach juice and 125 ml cucumber juice (kakari). Its use stops the offensive smell of the mouth.

21. Sinusitis: Mix cucumber (khira), spinach each 150 ml and 250 ml carrot’s juice together. Take this juice regularly if anyone has been suffering from sinusitis. It provides relief to the patient and coryza will not attack upon him again and again.
Acnes (pimples): Mix 280 ml carrot and 170 ml spinach juice together and take it. Its use cures pimples, adenitis, white leucorrhea, asthma, diabetics, headache, insomnia, liver diseases, migraine and fever.

22. Blood deficiency:  Melon’s juice strengthens teeth and bones as well as improves digestion. It enhances hemoglobin quantity in the blood. It is useful in liver diseases also. It ends deficiency of water in the body. Its use stops headache due to hot.

23. Dyspepsia: Ginger prevents bleeding and ends breathing disorders. It is useful in the digestive problems. It is useful for the treatment of coryza and intestines diseases.                                             

24. Liver Disease: Pomegranate and black grapes juice is useful to destroy intestine worms.  It is a good medicine for the treatment of dysentery. It enhances liver power and helps in digestion.

25. Headach: Black grapes juice provides relief in the headache. It helps liver and kidney functions. It reduces the doubt of heart diseases and increases hemoglobin in the blood. 

  • Material: Extract juice by grinding two cup of black grapes, one cup of pomegranate seeds and sugar according taste.
  • Method: Mix all material and extract juice in mixer grinder. Filter it and take it with ice.

26. Anemia:  Mosambi juice reduces anemia. It strengthens bones and enhances power of fighting against diseases. A person should take one glass of its juice daily in the summer season.

27. Material:

  • One cup pieces of cabbage, half cup spinach, a cucumber’s pieces (kakri), one tomato, one cup sprouted bean(all material should be cut into small pieces), grated coconut, half spoon lemon juice, little sugar, salt and black pepper according to taste.
  • Method: Mix all cutting material and sprouted bean. Fill it into a jar and shake it well. After that mix lemon’s juice, sugar, black pepper and salt in it. Mix grated coconut and eat. This salad is healthy and full of strengths. Its juice may also be taken if you want. 

28. General rule and regulations for the use of juice:-

  • Like other medicines take juice at right time and in right quantity.
  • Decide before starting juice that whether taking juice is for better health or to cure disease.
  • If you want to take salad with juice, take salad one hour before than juice because enzymes which are found in the juice work as digestive elements.  
  • If juice is being taken for health, you can differentiate fruits and vegetables. If juice is being taken for remedy, consult a doctor.
  • Take juice with this belief that juice will be useful definitely.
  • Other means may be taken to eliminate heterogeneous elements from the body during taking juice. As in constipation enema can be taken or to open closed pores on the surface of the skin steam bath can be taken.
  • Avoid hard work and physical exercise while taking juice because body needs relaxation. Aasan or yoga’s may be adopted.
  • Always take juice extracted of fresh fruits and vegetables. Juice should not be kept for long time because it may be dangerous.
  • Taking juice packed in jars and bottles is not useful.
  • During the period of taking juice a person may suffer from fever, headache, vomiting or etc but don’t fear it. Continue taking juice. These ailments are cured automatically after some time.
  • Wash neatly juicer or other equipments before extracting juice.
  • Don’t drink juice fast. It should be taken by spoon or gulp slowly.
  • Take juice without taste if you don’t like any juice mix some lemon drops in it.