Treatment of different types of diseases with the help of magnets :

        In this disease, gas (air) is filled inside large intestine and when the sufferer releases out air from the mouth as belches or from the anus, he feels little relief. When the fermentation of foods particles takes place inside the stomach and large intestine, gas forms inside the stomach and large intestine in extra volume resulting digestion process is disturbed inside the stomach, small intestine and large intestine and this disease is occurred.    


        Gas is filled inside the stomach or small and large intestines of the sufferer causing flatulence and stomachache goes on taking place. Gas comes out from the mouth as belches as well as comes also from the anus.   


        This disease occurs due to malfunctioning of the digestion process, taking too much spicy eatables and due to neuralgic disease (in which, the patient inhales air from atmosphere and fills inside his stomach).  

Treatment of flatulence through magneto therapy-

        The flatulence patient should use magnet on his/her soles in the morning as well as he/she should drink magnetized water as the dose of medicine thrice a day. It cures the disease soon.