First aids



        In the modern age, as much population is go on increasing as the means of traveling are also go on increasing. Today, every family must have minimum a bike or car. When you go to road, you will see as much vehicles on it as it seems like a fare of vehicles. Along with increasing the numbers of vehicles, the possibility of accidents is also increasing parallel to them. After leaving home in the morning, no one knows that he/she will come back or not to his/her own home in the evening. He/she may have to face any type of accidents till evening. Sometimes this type of accident is normal, but sometimes it is very dangerous for life. Few accidents are those due to which a man has to lead his/her remaining life like that of a handicapped after losing any of his/her body organs. In fact or in other words, today the people are loosing their life mostly due to accidents comparison to diseases.

        It has been observed by a survey that about 200 people in any particular town having population of 10,000 are gone to the next world due to any of accidents. The town having more the means of traveling may have also more than 200 death rates. Mostly the people of age between 18 to 30 years have to lose their life by accidents comparison to the people of age between 30 to 50 years. Normally accident takes place with the people at their struggling period i.e. (that’s) in the age between 25 to 35 years. In case of accident, any organ of the body may tear, the bones may be fractured and any of the soft body organs may get hurt. In such conditions, if treatment is not given immediately to the suffered person, even small wounds may become too serious and the sufferer may have to endure (face) its result for his/her whole life.         

In other words, anyone may become the victim of any dangerous diseases or serious accident at any moment of his/her life like- sudden attack of stomachache, heart attack, difficulty in breathing by entangling the morsel of food during eating, etc. And, in such conditions, the suffered person needs first aids (primary treatment) immediately.

When anyone meets with sudden accident due to any reason like- accidents with vehicle, falling down from a height, drowning (sinking) in water, difficult breathing, fit attacks or heart attack, in such cases, there is no as enough time as to carry the sufferer to any hospital soon. for illustration- when heart attack takes place, the sufferer start feeling unconsciousness and if he/she does not get treatment within 3 minutes, there is a high possibility for him/her to get any type of complication in his/her brain. In such condition, we have only one option i.e. giving first aids (primary treatment) immediately. This type of treatment (first aids) is needed by all those who are become the victim of any sudden accident or any dangerous disease. In few cases, the condition of the sufferer is become as much serious till reaching to the hospital as it is become difficult to control his/her condition. In many cases, the conditions are become more serious just due to delay in reaching the hospital like- over bleeding or remove out any body parts/organs through operation (surgery) due to getting infection and in may cases, the patient is died too. First aids plays very important role in such condition.    

        Now a question will arise in the mind (brain) of few particular groups of people that what is first aid? And how it is done or used? The immediate treatment given to any injured or suffered person is known as first aid. The main motto of this treatment is to protect the life of the injured person, to give immediate relief to him/her as well as to stop his/her condition to become too serious. In other words, it is considered as a life protecting treatment given by any common person to injured person until the injured person get medical treatment.

        First aid is also known as Primary treatment or Primary help. It has been giving for ancient time. In this treatment, anyone can start treating immediately in initial level when his/her friend or any other person gets hurts or becomes the victim of any accident. The soldiers are trained in this primary treatment during their routine training so that they could do treatment by their selves when any of their friends is injured during war. In fact, everyone must need to get knowledge about this treatment so that he/she could treat anyone at the time of need.

        ‘First aid’ is based on medical science of treatment and surgery, but it is not considered as complete treatment. The person giving first aid should always keep one thing in his/her mind that he/she is not as expert as a doctor is in their art. His/her responsibility is to keep the injured person safe only till the injured person is reached under the guidance (custody) of an expert doctor. He/she is become free after reaching the injured person to a doctor.

Important tips about primary treatment (first aid) - in many cases, it has been also seen that the condition of the injured person is become more serious instead of becoming normal even after giving primary treatment. Sometimes, he/she is become physically or mentally challenged too even after getting proper treatment. Even a small mistake done by the person who is giving primary treatment may prove dangerous for the injured person, and it happens due to improper knowledge about primary treatment.   

        Normally, the people believe that there is no need for everyone to have full knowledge about first aid, but it is not correct because no anyone can do primary treatment properly if he/she does not get the complete training of it. As well as if the person, giving primary treatment to any injured person, makes even a small mistake, the patient may have to endure (face) its dangerous result. For example- in case of heart attack, making the patient up, sit or giving anything to him/her for eating, etc. may be harmful for him/her. So you can easily understand that if a person has no proper knowledge of it, think what will happen? An expert (a qualified) doctor has all the necessary devices or instruments, medicines and other means in their hospital, but a person giving primary treatment has no any such facilities. Primary treatment is needed suddenly like- in case of sudden accidents on the road, industries, at home, office or on any other places. So, one has to be ready for such conditions all the time (always).

        It is very necessary to have few qualities (natures) in the person who is giving primary treatment like- fast ability to check the sufferer, having right understanding and thoughts, ability to provide relief to the sufferer immediately without making any type of hurry, etc. one must do every his/her work peacefully and with patience in case of emergency. He/she should have full confidence inside him/her; he/she should not have any type of nervousness or hurry in his/her activities or voice or on his/her face, because it may be responsible for the worse condition of the patient. In addition to it, he/she should have the talent (merits) to give hope to the patient so that the patient, at least, could mentally come on track.

        Before giving primary treatment to any injured person, first of all remove out gathered people around the patient. It is helpful in proper treatment as well as the sufferer also gets fresh air which is very important for him/her.     

Important advices for one who wants to give primary treatment- reach immediately on the spot just after getting its information and then inform the family member and relatives of an injured person. It is very important to tell the exact place of accidents while informing or the hospital to where the patient has been carried.

        First of all, you should make arrangement for carrying the injured person to the nearer hospital or calling doctor before giving primary treatment and then check the condition of injured person immediately. If any body part of the injured person has been suppressed under vehicle, pillar, wall, etc., try to pull out his/her body part immediately by yourself or with the help of any other. If the injured person is inside any burning house or in a room filled with smoke, take him/her out immediately. If the injured person is in the contact (touch) of any naked electric wire, try to make him/her separate from the wire with the help of any bad conductor means of electricity like- wood or rubber. In such case, you should also need to be careful about yourself otherwise it may be harmful for you too.

If the person has been hurt in any quarrel and if any type of weapon i.e. knife, etc. has been inserted in his/her body or has bullets in his/her body, first of all you should need to inform the police and then start primary treatment. But, you should always keep one thing in your mind that any type of finger prints or any other clues related to this mishappening is not able to be erased or destroyed, because it may help the police to detect assailant (attacker/criminal).

The person giving first aid must have the ability to take immediate decision for providing relief to the injured person. It is very important period for the patient and in this period, even little delay or carelessness may be dangerous for the life of injured person.

If the injured person is conscious, he/she can tell about his/her condition by him/herself like- how he/she is feeling, in which body organs he/she is feeling more pain and in which body organs has less troubles, etc. it will help in treating. You must also need to treat the body part first in which he/she feels more troubles.

After observing the injured person, you can know his/her condition like- yellow face of the injured person, heavy eyes, unable to find pulse, low voice, trembling in the body, swelling of any body part, wider eyes balls, vertigo, increased body temperature, etc. one can find these types of signs very easily and can give treatment according to them.       

If the suffered person is unconscious, you should need to check is condition and then try to find such identity from his/her pocket i.e. diary or identity card, etc. and inform his/her family member. Few people always keep medical report in their pocket through which it can be easily find out that from which disease he/she is suffering. After that, try to know he/she is breathing or not. If he/she is not breathing properly, try to check that anything has trapped in his/her breathing pipe or not. If the injured person is feeling difficulty in breathing or heart beats is running improperly, start his/her treatment immediately, because even little delay may make his/her condition too serious. Giving artificial breathes by your mouth in case of absent breathing. It is called artificial breathing system.

        If the breathing and heart beats of the injured person is normal, try to find out that any of his body parts  is bleeding or not. in case of bleeding from any of his/her body parts, try to make arrangement for stopping the bleeding otherwise it may become the responsible of blood deficiency in his/her body resulting his/her condition may become too serious.

        If blood is coming out from any of his/her outer wounds, it is detected easily, but in few cases bleeding starts internally due to get hurt at the time to accident. This type of blood does not able to come out from the body, but starts gathering in any empty space inside the body like-peritoneal cavity, thoracic cavity or skull, etc. this type of bleeding is very dangerous, because it has no any outer hurt, but it may be responsible for patient’s death.

        While giving primary treatment, you should need to check that the injured person is in shock or not, any of his/her bone has fractured or not or he/she has gotten hurt on his/her head, back, stomach, etc. or not.

        Most of the accidents take place to fast running vehicles on the road. In such accidents, it is also necessary to protect the injured person from infection, because the bacteria present in dust, dung, garbage, etc. may infect the wounds of injured person very easily.

        Before giving primary treatment to the injured person, he/she should be carried to any place under shade. In cases of raining, blowing cold wind or bright sunrays, etc., the injured person should be carried to nearer house. But, in few complicated cases like- stopping heart beats or breathing or fracture of his/her spinal cord, etc., you should start giving primary treatment just on the spot even in bad weather by covering him/her with clothe or only newspaper. 

        The injured person should be kept in fresh air, but not under sunlight. If the accident has happened in an open place and if it is impossible to carry the injured person to any other place due to fracture of any big bone of the body and sunlight is present there, protect him/her from sunlight by unfolding a bed-sheet or umbrella over him/her in such condition.

        For giving primary treatment, you should also need to know about tying bandage, giving support to the fractured bones, giving artificial breathe, massaging, etc. you should also have knowledge about the alternatives of any particular things.

        You should be healthy and strong body, because in many cases you have to carry the injured person in your lap or back. In addition to it, you have to do many more works like massaging, running for medicines or any other required things, etc.

        You should need to be careful about giving any stimulating thing to the injured person. In case of cold climate, you should need to give hot tea, coffee, milk, etc. to the injured person. If the injured person is unconscious, let him/her to smell lime after mixing it in sal-ammoniac (ammonium chloride), it may be helpful in making him/her conscious again.

The person giving primary treatment should be intelligent, wise, far sighted, brave, having patience and cheerful. He/she should not delay in giving treatment after understating the pains of the sufferer. 

Important tips for the person giving primary treatment-

  • First of all he/she should go to the spot and check the Condition of injured person.
  • If the heart beats of suffered person have been stopped, He/she should start treatment first of all for making the Heart beats normal without wasting time.
  • If the breath of the suffered person has been stopped, He/she should give artificial breathe.
  • If the blood is coming out from the body of the suffered Person in additional volume, first of all he/she should make Arrangement to stop bleeding.
  • If the suffered person is in shock, give treatment immediately to come out from shock.
  • Check such joints and bones of the suffered person due to Fracturing of which, the suffered person feels troubles in Sitting or standing like- hip bones, things bones, knees, etc. Primary treatment should be given such a way so that the Suffered person could become able to go to hospital.
  • If the suffered person has been burnt, pour cold water on His/her wounds (burnt areas).
  • Check the hurt of the eyes, nose and ears of the injured Person carefully.
  • Apply ointment after cleaning the wounds of the suffered Person and then tie bandage on it.
  • At last, check the entire body of the suffered person once Again. It may be possible that any minor sign has been left in first observation which may be the sign of any dangerous Hurt like- bleeding from ears, hurt in the brains, etc.
  • Do not give anything to the suffered person for eating. Only beverage like tea or coffee should be given according to a doctor, because eaten solid food stuffs or liquid substance may create problems in operation if it is needed.