Fire element


         Fire element generates fire in our body and provides heat to water presents inside the body from which our body gets physical strength. Fire element controls our vision. This fire element helps in digestion of food and gives strength to our body that generates much hunger and thirst. Fire element keeps the nervous systems as normal and makes our face attractive. It makes the thinking power of mind fast, makes the testing power of finding difference of the mind as easy and helps to generate anti-disease element. In brief, fire element is the starter of our body. Diseases like- lack of blood (anemia), jaundice, different types of disorders related to digestion, etc. occur in the body due to lack of fire element. Besides them, diseases as mental disorder, lack of vision, cataract, gas and different types of other diseases occur due to lack of fire element in the body. In the absence of it in the body, different types of skin diseases occur and facial glow (attraction) decreases.        

        So, in different treatment systems, fire element and its protection have followed in a special manner.

Fire element:-

        Among five fundamental elements, fire element is the third very useful element. Among visible elements like- fire, water, earth (soil), etc., the fire is the most important (chief) element. The sky and air are great elements. The fire is considered as ‘The God’ in our treatise (scripture) and rules of worship have written in it. In the first mantras of the Rig-VedaAgnimeede Purohitum’, the fire has prayed as the God. The most religious Hindus and Parsees believe in the fire (Sun) as ‘God’ till now and worship it with different method. We do not get only heat and light from the sun but Intellectual powers and age also increase by it.      

        It is true that the people who take as much sunlight as his mental strength increases. By the use of sunlight, the brain gets a type of magnetic power by that crop of the people become wise. In ancient time, the saints can become wise only by Surya Upasana (worshiping of the sun). Fire element (sun) protects our body.

        The sun gets most important place in our country comparison to the other countries of the world. In our country, the sun is worshiped as the God. It is known as ‘God’s Eyes’ in our country, because it appears directly. In fact, the sun is the eyes of all of us, because we are able to see due to sunlight. If there is no sun in the sky, we are not able to see anything.  

        In the ancient Granthas (book) of our country, different rules and methods (procedure) related to the worship of sun have given which indicates that Indians have been believing in the importance of the sun for a long time (ancient time). In our country, the people have been worshiping the sun as ‘God’ from the beginning of world, because the human life can not be imagined without sunlight. Not only in our country but also in other countries like: Italy, Unan, Egypt, etc., the sun is considered as the God and worshiped by the people of these countries. In Japan located in Asia, there are many temples found. In South America, there is a world famous big sun temple located.    

        Surya Namaskar that is the part of our morning prayer is also a good exercise. In it, water is poured in front of the sun with a small metal pot or glass. It is very useful and provides good health.

        Different researches and studies prove that blue rays are found much in sunrays in the morning. These rays are very beneficial for our health. In the morning, when we start pouring water in front of sun, sunray is divided into seven color of the rainbow after passing through water and its blue ray provide benefit to the body. Because of it, our ancestors have given religious importance to the sun. In this way, Sunday is known as the day of the sun in Shastras (book). Avoiding oil on the body, sex and salt on Sunday is called Sunday fast. The people who believed in it were get benefit by making fast in Sunday.      

        Actually, the sun is only the creator of world, because all the things of world originate by sunlight. It is said that the sun adds sperms and the moon adds menstruations in the seven colors of the sun and create this world. Different types of materials (metals) like- gold, silver, brass, bronze, iron, etc. and stones like- diamond, mani, sapphire, etc. found in the world are astonishing result of colorful sunrays. The sun is also only one base of the life of all the plants and animals. It is proved that sunlight is more useful than the food. According to a German scientist, both the water and air are very accentual for life, but sunlight is most important than both these things. All the remaining four elements like- sky, air, water, earth (soil), etc. are originated by the fire (sun). The beauty and life of the world is only due to sunlight. Fruits ripen and different properties originate in different drugs with the helps of sunlight. The sun also helps in the process of evaporation in which sea water is changed into clouds after heating and then comes on the earth in the form of rain. Digestion is also completed by the heat of sun.       

        The sun is also responsible for happiness, worry, sin, sex, anger, greedy, affections, love, civilization, etc. in our life. For making iron into gold and dead into live can be also possible by sun science (treatment). Specialists of sun science are present in the Himalayan region and Tibet till now. European countries have discovered Mirtukiran and atom bomb (Parmanu Bam) only on the basis of this science, but all these discoveries are nothing against the unlimited power or properties of the sun.     

        The limits of ‘Vedas’ and ‘Brahma’ have been known till the sun. After that, there are ‘Truth’ and ‘Brahmalok’. All the things are possible by sun. All other things are generated by fire element. Fire element is the sun itself. Som, Pranav, Onkar, etc. are also the sun. It is ‘Nadbrahma’ directly. It is called ‘Ravi due to living as rav. The sun is made by the glory of the God itself. There are several disease that occur in the body due to lack of fire element like : lethargy, contraction, swelling of the winter, gastric pain, paralysis, joints pain, weakness of old age, indigestion, over sleepy, chronic constipation, etc. The eyes, ear, nose, tongue, stool, urine, etc. are turned into yellowish red or red due to lack of it. Due to lack of fire element in the body, taste becomes sour and pungent and a person becomes irritable temperament. Owing to lack of it, different types of physical disorders are occurred like: weakness in the body, dryness in all the organs of the body, excessiveness of thirst and bones weakness, infantile rickets, etc.