Filix mas-aspidium




Filix Mas-aspidium is mainly used to destroy (kill) stomach worms. This medicine is used in the condition of constipation and stomach worms that kills worms and cures constipation. This medicine should be used in symptoms as tapeworms, over sleeping, inflammation of the lymphatic glands, T.B. of the kidney in young stage, fever, scrofula, etc.  

Use of Filix Mas-aspidium in the symptoms of different body parts:

Symptoms of the eyes:

Using Filix Mas-aspidium cures symptoms like- blindness, inability to see with one eye, etc.          

Symptoms of the Stomach:

Filix Mas-aspidium should be used in symptoms as flatulence, pain like pinching, aggravation by eating sweets, diarrhea and vomiting, itching sensation in the nose, pain in the stomach due to stomach worms, yellowness on the face, dark circles around the eyes, hiccup, etc.


Filix Mas-aspidium can be compared with drugs like- Aspidium Alhameticum, Cina, Granetcum, Cuso, etc.


1 to 3 potency of Filix Mas-aspidium is used to cure diseases. Oleoresin in 135.50 to 3.50 grams should be used to bring out tape worms and the patient should keep fast too.