An infection of a bacterium which occurs in water is the main cause of this disease. Level of heterogonous substances (polluted stool) enhances in those persons who pass their life in an unnatural way. Mostly, inhabitants of hot regions become the victim of this disease.   

Symptoms of filaria:

  • The patient suffers from fits in this disease named filaria.
  • Temperature of the patient becomes 105 degree during this disease.
  • Testicles and kidneys of the patient become affected in this disease.
  • Swelling comes on the testicles of the patient of filaria along with pain.

Treatment of filaria by nature therapy:

          First, the patient should keep fast for some days regularly. He should adopt enema in the morning and evening. After one week, he should take juice of fruits. He should take raw and cooked vegetables, groats and breads made with the flour of siftings. The disease named filaria disappears within some days within some days.