Ficus indica or bengalesis



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Ficus Indica is also known as “Bengalersis”. Ficus Indica is more effective to prevent bleeding than Ficus Religioosa. Using Ficus Indica prevents bleeding soon from any part of the body due to any reason. Use of this medicine is very beneficial to prevent clean bleeding from the mouth and throat. This medicine is also used to prevent blood leucorrhea and bleeding taking place before urination or excretion.

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different body parts:

Symptoms of bleeding:

Using this medicine cures symptoms as bleeding from different parts i.e. blood coming from plies and blood piles, and bleeding from the mouth and throat, blood dysentery and bleeding with stool while urination and excretion.

Use of this medicine is helpful to cure the problems of bleeding while menstrual excretion.

Symptoms of urine:

This medicine is used in symptoms as gonorrhea, diabetes, inflammation and bleeding in the urine caused by diabetes.

Symptoms related to sex:

Use of this medicine is beneficial in the symptoms as neuralgic debility due to semen deficiency and excess bleeding.